Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 05 and July 06, 2006- the heavens opened and water fell like a water fall

Oh my was a scary kind of rain. It was like the sky just opened and an ocean poured from above. It was a wall of rain. When I left work at 5pm, the student dorm parking lots were flooded and students had their pants rolled up and the water came up to their ankles or mid-calf as they made their way home. Parts of the parking lot were flooded halfway up car's tires. As I drove home, Ocean Drive wasn't all that bad and drivers were pretty good about not driving crazy. I had to go to Portland to renew my car insurance, but those dingdongs close at 5:30pm and I didn't make it on time. I picked up some dinner and went home. I parked as close as I could to the gate and managed to get inside without sinking in the mud. It floods something awful where I live. All of North Beach can drain and dry out, but it's still muddy and wet just where I live. It sucks.

Today, Thursday, is my long day at work. It rained pretty hard around noon and I dread going home after a 10 hour day to see how bad it may be. They say on TV this is the worst of it. I sure hope so.

On a side note, my neighbors were nowhere to be seen til about 10pm when I saw the husband pulling his laundry off of the fence where they set it out to dry. Without electricity, they must be hand washing it. With 3 kids, 2 in diapers, that's gotta be some kinda big drag. I didn't hear a peep and don't know if the whole family was there. The poor puppies spent the night outside and that one injured one is dragging a hind leg when he walks. Their back yard is just one giant mud puddle. It breaks my heart. I can hear the puppies crying in the night and they are skinny again. The momma dog has some kind of scrape or skin thing happening on her face. I want so bad to help the dogs, but don't want them to see me do it. I don't care if the grown-ups are hassled, but those dogs are innocent as are the children.

I swear if I get my motor home and manage to move first (and that doesn't look like it will happen right away), I WILL call the Humane Society and pray they pick up those puppies and maybe they can find a good home for them. They are really cute and smart. They are just skinny and starved for attention as well.

I better stop. I get extremely sad and bothered just thinking of this. It's almost time to go home so I'd best be cleaning off my desk and get home to MY OWN little doggies.


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