Monday, July 31, 2006

Jaco Pastorius - A Meteor that blazed thru music

That's Jaco. What a great sense of style! I could fall in love with such a superhuman musical talent. No one can say he didn't live his life like he wanted to live it.

Today, during my down time - or when I can get away with it - I am reading about my favorite bass player - Jaco.

I became aware of him on the Joni Mitchell recording "Hejira". I was enchanted. Bewitched with the bass sound that wasn't a bass sound as I'd ever known before. I still listen to that CD and it's still new and fresh to me. He's so all over the place in a song. Such a refusal to be defined by the instrument but to define the instrument. I am promising myself that I will expose myself to more Jaco.

He was indeed like a meteor that blazed thru and was gone. They should make a movie about him. Maybe not. Hollywood would "pretty-fy it all to make a buck". Jaco - we lived thru his life. I am ashamed I didn't know about him until after he died.

He was beaten to death when he tried to break into a nightclub. He had become mentally ill and drugged out and a street person.

Did you know much about Jaco?


At 10:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaco was a friend of mine. He was a brillant musician, a lot of fun to be around. Music was his life, and as you noted, he died tragically. Fortunately he left some great music for us to enjoy.

Ken Gemmer


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