Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Hits the Fan on Thursday July 13, 2006

Well, it had to happen I guess. It hit the fan this morning.

This morning after I dropped food over the fence just before driving to work, Paula comes out half dressed telling me to not feed her dogs. I replied that I would since they were starving. And we were off to the races. I said some things I prolly shouldn't have said and I'm not too proud of. She made threats to call the animal control folks because I had too many dogs! What the??? I only have 4 - chihuahuas at that! More words were exchanged. She said that I exceeded the dog limit for "inside dogs".

Anyway, she said the puppies wouldn't eat her food so don't feed them. I told her I would since they were starving according to the Humane Society. I was referring to the feel the ribs, not see the ribs criteria Vets use. She screamed, "so, you called the Humane Society on me". I hadn't, but she made that leap.

She took my silver dog food bowl and banged it on the fence violently. Then I asked her for my dog bowl back which whe filled up with the puppy food I'd given them and shoved it at me over the fence. I emptied the food back over the fence and took my dog bowl. She screamed like a banshee and said she was filing criminal charges against me. What the??? I told her to go ahead. More words were exchanged. Bottom lining it, I don't feel my seahuahuas are safe while I'm at work. I think her husband will keep her from being stupid, but there's no guarantee.

I think I called her an ungrateful bitch more than once. After all I've done for them. That should prove no good deed goes unpunished.

She said that she was calling animal control because Black Dog had tried to attack her child. This is clearly a lie as I took pix of Black Dog playing like a baby with one of her puppies that escaped his puppy misery yesterday. So, then I told her any call she could possibly think of making, I could return the volley and then worse. That I would call the city on her dogs which ran loose and and against which there are already complaints on because they menace the mailman, garbage men, etc. So, I advised think carefully before you do anything.

They seem to get home on the last bus out to North Beach everyday now, so when they got home yesterday, they put all their puppies inside. They snatched the escapee (since I courteously left my front gate unlocked for them) and put them all inside. Like I'm trying to collect their puppies. Yea, right. I just live so I can have 4 puppies, 4 chihuahuas, and Black Dog. I can so afford that.
She's not right.

I'm tempted to go home and check on things during lunch. Like I can afford the gas.
Still, my babies are there defenseless against her madness.

I checked the City of CC Codes website and the legal limit for pets is 6 in the city. I need to find Black Dog a home so he won't be her victim. He's one sweet dog and I don't see harming a fly. A mosquito maybe, but not a fly. He's as gentle as they come. When I get home, I have to see about securing the bottom of the house so he can't get out and get himself in trouble simply by existing. Poor big dog.

So, if I don't post tomorrow morning, it means something's happened to me. I'm glad tomorrow's a short day. Today I work til 7pm.

Please pray for me and my dogs. She's quite mad.


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