Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Batman!

That Dashing Super Hero is Batman! He's seahuahua #3 in the procurement order. He's Viggo Mortensen's littermate. He was 4 months old in that picture.

He's the shy one. He's the one Gomez challenges for alpha status since Bubba and Viggo don't play that. He's super attached to me and sleeps by my head everynight. If he's not by my head, he's by my side under the covers. He raises his rump and bows down his front legs and barks his hello to me everyday when I get home from work. I have to feed him in the crate because the others steal his food. I feel compelled to protect him. He's the slender type of seahuahua. If you look at the markings on his little face, they look like Batman's mask.

He's a bit of the nervous type. Gets a little spastic when things get excitable. He's my littlest baby.

He's Batman.


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