Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hi! I am Black Dawg!

Well here he is in all his vicious glory - Black Dawg. I am bound and determined to find him a good home. He deserves it. He is the most gentle giant I have met in a long time. He spends alot of time playing with the neighbor's escapee puppy and an across the street neighbor's white pup. This puppy ate his food. Drank his water and he was non-plussed. I can pet his head as he eats. He cries at night missing his former family. I don't even know what his given name is. His teeth are in better shape than mine! He may as well hang a sign on his neck that sez "I just want to love somebody!"
He is a big boy. He does eat. But he seems to be in great health and like I said, he is so so gentle. I wish I could keep him, but more dogs than I already have is just madness. Whoever he ends up with is lucky indeed.


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