Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday - Yup - Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline Tonight

Wow...things can certainly change quickly. Yesterday I was royally freaking out with what I found out was happening across the street.
Yesterday, 2 of the apartments across the street were rented. A & B. The questionable guy lives in C. I was ecstatic when the new across the street neighbors shouted a hello from the parking lot! "Hello! How's it going? Everything all quiet?", I yelled back. They smiled and yelled back that everything was great! I'm so happy. They look like regular work-a-day people like me. That's what we need in North Beach. More work-a-day people. Later that evening, the Apt C guy, walked over and asked if I'd seen the Landlady. I said no. "Has she been here", he says. I said I had no way of knowing. Maybe attitude seeped thru because he acted like I'd slapped him. I quickly corrected to say that I wasn't home and wouldn't know. I mentioned the new neighbors and how great it was to have someone move in. He said, "We'll see." Wow. My impression was that decent, job-holding people was not what he was hoping for. My Landlady assures me he won't move in to the vacant house next door and I'm trusting her to keep her word on that. We don't need for Mr. Apt C to gain a foothold on my little block. I want a safe, quiet place to live without any drug-dealing or crack smoking going on. He can have his "all night BBQs" somewhere else.
It's gotta stop! Someone dropped off a wonderful little 3-4 lb chihuahua on my porch! I have way too many dogs I'm trying to care for. Of course, I took him in. A friend is checking to see if another friend wants him, but Squeaker (that's what I call him for obvious reasons) has already ingratiated himself into my seahuahua pack. He fits right in. He slept with me already and I may already be a goner for the tiny pup. He's so teeny anyway...he's almost not there!
I'm keeping BlackDawg for as long as I can. While I live on North Beach he for sure has a home. When I get my motorhome (some positive thinking here) I hope to buy/rent a lot where I can fence it and hopefully keep him. He's an extraordinary dawg.
And it stops there! NO MORE DOGS!
I'm feeling better since those people moved in and am praying that Mr. Apt C will leave or tone it down. I was talking to Pat the Corner Grandma and she sez in the evening when she sits on her porch with her dogs, that she could see everything that was going on across the street. It's awful.
Anywho... that's it for today. I'm hoping to get at least one of the females to a shelter this weekend. Please pray for these abandoned dogs. They really are sweet and if I could keep them, I would. I am at the max now for what the city allows in the city limits.
Please pray for these dogs.
thanks for reading my little blog....I appreciate you!


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