Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday July 14, 2006 Joe's Crab Shack

Well, it's time again for the Crab Shack. Hope you can come on out. I'm being eaten alive by mosquitos. They sprayed OUTSIDE the round building where I work, and mosquitos must have a bigger brain then we think...they came inside! My desk must have a sign in mosquito language that says, "BUFFET". I've killed about 15 of those suckers just this morning. I will bring my can of repellent Monday.

I don't feel like working.

The escapee puppy, I'll call him, Houdini, (that's him on the left) from now on, came on the porch and munched down on Black Dawg's food. He's no fool. He drank water. He chowed down. He's a survivor if he can just keep from getting run over. Some way, some how, I want to snatch him and take him to Sue so we can get him fostered out. Since he escapes, it's not unreasonable to assume someone would find him and keep him.

I didn't feed the pups per her raging request. They look skinny again. It didn't take long for them to look emaciated. Maybe they will be lucky dogs and the Neighbors won't be home when I get home. I'll feed them just enuf so they eat everything and leave no evidence that I fed them. She's insane. They don't leave water out for the puppies and I'm convinced they are stealing my water. I barely use water and my bill is like for a family of 5, the family of 5 next door.

They go to court on Monday for eviction. I sure hope the judge gets them the hell out of there.

Well, I've mosquitos to kill and numbers to crunch. I'll write more Monday and fill you in on the latest. Pray those people get evicted Monday. I am.


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