Monday, July 24, 2006

Flu -Like Symptoms

It all seems to suck to me today. I have had flu-like symptoms since Thursday last week. Headache. Fever. Congestion. Cough. Borderline earache. Muscle aches and weakness. I slept most of the weekend. Just getting out to get food and return movies. Another wasted weekend. I didn't return calls and frankly am too depressed about the dogs to want to talk to anyone. I missed my nephew's birthday bash. I was at my sickest Saturday although Friday night was no picnic. Friday night during the gig, people were most compassionate and generous. There were times in the middle of a song when I had to stop playing the guitar, keep singing, and reach over to grab a towel to wipe my dripping nose. My head hurt so bad I thought I was going to faint. I'm feeling better today, tho it's been a helluva weekend.


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