Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Feeling Puny Tuesday July 11, 2006

Hello Darling Readers...
Today, I awoke feeling a bit under the weather so this post will be a small one. My head feels cloudy. My sinus's (is that even a word, can you "plural" sinus?) feel congested (damn if I didn't forget to take my Benadryl!). I feel weak. Tired. Achy. I sure hope I haven't come down with West Nile or something. Remember, I have mosquito bites on top of mosquito bites.

I'm also upset at the condition of those puppies. When I got home the little girl down the street asked me if I knew when the Neighbors would get home as I paid some attention to Black Dog. That was my clue. I ran in and got my digicam and took some snapshots of the pups. I had it on the wrong setting (portrait vs. landscape) and most of them were blurry. They were clear enuf to see the little rib bones. Clear enuf to see their sunken in stomach. Clear enuf to see their little hips. I've uploaded just one because it's too depressing.

It breaks my heart. I immediately got a little sauce pan and twice dumped about 4 cups of food over the fence. They scampered about eating it like they were starving because they are starving.

In the meantime, Black Dog is becoming attached to me. He takes my hand in his big old mouth and ever so gently "mouths" it. He ever so gently puts his paws on my thighs. He's one sweet dog and I am going to try very hard to place him in a loving home. I gave him one of my spoiled seahuahua old toys and he didn't seem too interested, but this morning I found it in the front yard where he spends a large portion of the night like maybe he took an interest later.

Well, that's all for today. I'm kinda pooped and sad and need to focus on work while I'm here. laterz my friends....


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