Monday, July 03, 2006


Well, it's still raining off and on... and it perfectly matches my mood. The way it floods here it really makes me wanna move.
My neighbors, instead of trying to talk reasonably with my landlady, have waged war. They are 3 months behind on their rent. I can't blame my landlady for losing patience and wanting her money. When the landlady started talking eviction to them, Paula said the landlady was threatening "her husband", poor, meek, little whipped thing that he is. It's a hassle and expensive to file, so I can't blame the landlady for trying to get them to move without filing. They say she keeps coming by and threatening them with the Police, CPS, and whatever other weapons she can think of to get them to move out without having to file for eviction. I can understand her impatience, but she is limited in her actions by the law. She HAS TO file for eviction, have the neighbors served, then a court date has to be set, then they have to go to court and barring any further delays, THEN she can have them thrown out and the locks changed. She knows this and that's why she's playing hardball. I can only imagine - what? It's about $1000 they owe here? I'd be plenty pissed.
Me? When I was faced with a similar situation due to not being able to find a job that paid enuf for me to pay my car AND rent, opted to keep paying on my car and then just quietly moved out instead of incurring an eviction on my "permanent record". I owed the rent. I knew it. I also knew there was no way I could pay it.
Paula kind of pissed me off so I am not inclined be very open to her situation. I feel bad for her kids, whipped husband, and her 6 big dogs, but she blew it with me.

This is a woman who's family I rescued when they were stranded in Corpus with no bus fare or taxi fare after the buses stopped running for the day. I have run her numerous times to the Walmart in Portland, many times for nary a dime. I have taken her whole family to the Loaves and Fishes ministries to get free food. I have wormed all six of her dogs when they were getting too skinny for me to be able to just stand by. I have fed her six dogs because I can't stand starving dogs. I have given them household items and clothes I could no longer wear - tshirts and such. Since they have no electriticy, I charge their cell phone that they use as an alarm clock and clock. I mention all this as a preamble to why I am no longer open to her.

She was mentioning a place here in Corpus called Flour Bluff where there is affordable housing and where they may not be inclined to care much about my 4 seahuahuas (each weighs about 10 lbs.). She made the mistake of saying it was better because it was more "caucasion". I was steamed and made a tacky comment about perferring to live amoung Mexicans instead of "white trash". Not too nice but I was mad. I haven't seen one caucasion helping these people out. Just this stupid Mexican who has tried to help them. Me. I had also offered to help her study for her waitress test at the Crab Shack over coffee somewhere and I offered to take her with me to take a look-see in Flour Bluff to see for ourselves what may be available, but because of her statement, decided to claim I had a migraine and would not be able to do either. This Non-Caucasion will not help them. I may feed her dogs because it's no fault of theirs, but she I will not help anymore. I was hurt and stunned and mad.
So, Gawd only knows what will happen to them. Hopefully she'll pass her waitress test and be able to work the Fourth of July - which they way is a very lucrative day at the CrabShack.
I will eventually move. It may not be Flour Bluff. I am going to try to find something in Portland. Maybe I can find something closer to work. I'd rather stick to my plan and get a motorhome.
And just to make it all worse, my gig has come open again in Dallas. They are getting ready to fire the woman who replaced me at the Sonoma Grill. I wish I was back in Dallas already. The fact that I will return has been decided. I just need to make it happen.
The animal life, the history, the beach are all so wonderful here. Generally, the people suck. I can't seem to make friends here and miss my pals in Dallas. They pay stinks beyond all belief. Now, I'm in the prison of time as I wait to position myself for my move back. Boohoo...woe is me!
Anywho, enuf of this sad stuff. I'll survive. One way or another. I miss Dallas. I miss Indian food. I miss being able to get whatever I need when I need it in Dallas. I miss the excitement of the Mavericks when everyone down here is a Spurs fan. I miss Dallas.


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