Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Calmer Daze

Well, things seem to calming down so that I am focusing on learning a few more songs for the Crab Shack. I'm working in How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Horse with No Name, Margaritaville, and Ring of Fire. It feels good to think of something other than those evil people next door.
There is, however, a rather large pile of "trash" in front of their place. I scoped it out and found just a smallish little rug I put on my porch for the BlackDawg. Other than that, it was just a bunch of trash to me. Pat, the Corner Grandma, told me that there were people pulling up in trucks to take that junk. Unbelievable. She also told me I should watch out for Richard, the 2nd house from the corner neighbor, because he just might poison the 2 big female dogs. I just wish I could make them stay close to my house as I try to find a rescue group to take them. They will end up getting themselves poisoned or shot, I fear. They are out of control. Many times I call them to come back and then call the BlackDawg, but he's under the house and not out of control. I can't wait to place the 2 females and maybe he will just not go anywhere else.
It's awful quiet without the puppies there. I prayed for them last night. It's all in Gawd's hands now. I tried to do my best but Paula would rather the Animal Control people have them than place them in foster care. What an insane speed freak she is.
I brushed the BlackDawg last night. He had this look of utter joy on his face. I don't think anyone's brushed him ever before. He's so sweet, he thanks me for his food before he walks to his bowl to eat. What a wonderful dog.
My cold is getting better and I am sleeping better now that they are gone. The last month as been just awful, but I see things are getting better. I hope the new neighbors are decent, quiet folk.
Tonight, I will try to pack up 2 large containers and to stick to the plans I made last week for my activities. I've almost got everything totally repacked. I'm gonna try to get a motor home financed this weekend. At least apply to see how bad they're gonna screw me. I would think they'd want to sell those suckers what with the price of gas and all.
I'm just thankful my focus is on MY life these days. It feels good. Now...if we can just not get any Hurricanes this year, it will all be good!


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