Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2006 Fourth of July

This was not the most exciting Fourth of July for me. Since no one seemed to be available for me to talk to except my friend, Chuck, and no one returned my calls, I spent it alone.

That's okay. My highlight was going into Portland and treating myself to a Coffee on Ice at Starbucks and then taking some pictures of pelicans on the little pier on the north end of North Beach. I then went home and packed up some more. I get bored pretty quick with this packing stuff. If I should end up moving August 1st (and I don't think I can - I haven't even applied for my motorhome), I will have lived in 7 different places in 13 months. It's enuf to drive anybody nuts. I keep packing and re-packing trying to be smart about my belongings in case I need to put them in storage for a hurricane or something or in case I get my motorhome/rv/or whatever.

Anyways...the "whipped" husband next door had the cojones to ask me for a ride to the Walmart to get "chicken for the children". He said he could give me $2 for gas. That's not even a gallon. I swear they are getting worse. Now, they expect me to taxi them around for just about nothing. I said okay. I don't want children to go hungry. So, when I get into the car to move it out of the mud so's I can clear the front seat, out pops Paula with a great big old smile which just pissed me off. I told her in no uncertain terms that I didn't appreciate the "caucasion" comment she made. She got pissed off and yelled harshly, "well, I'm sorry" as if she was the one that was right. I said that it doesn't matter. That it was said and there was no fixing it. That I would give her a ride so that the children would have food. She said to forget about it. I yelled something back about her stupid pride getting in the way of getting her children food. She screamed back that the children had food. I said fine and drove away.

When I got back home, I encountered Jacob as he was riding his bike to go to the over-priced convenience store on North Beach. I spoke to him about Paula alienating the Landlady and if they'd been smart and since they were clearly wrong in owing 3 months back rent, they should've apologized to her, asked her for forgiveness, and may things wouldn't have turned out like they did. He said that the Landlady shouldn't have threatened them with agencies. I told him they shouldn't have backed her into a corner. The funny thing is that they are indignant like there are "right" in this matter. I guess they think it's okay to live in a place for free months and months.

That people as a rule don't do nice things when they are backed into a corner. He refused my offer of a ride and said that they had food for the children, that what they wanted was just a something a little extra for the Fourth of July. So, it was out. They used the "food for the children" rouse as a way to manipulate me into taking them into Portland. Now, I see that that's how they operate. Here I've been, totally concerned for them and all I've been to them is a free ride. Screw 'em.

I watched House and then NCIS. I love House. He's such a prick. Rude, obnoxious, yet...somehow, charming. Go figure. Maybe I'm just one sick puppy. NCIS is always good. I love Mark Harmon and David McCullough.

The other highlight was talking in the phone to one of my best pal o'pals, Lori. I didn't realize just how much I miss her and how much I under appreciated her when I was in Dallas. She's one of the best friends I've in my whole life and can't wait to get back to Dallas in about a year so we can do the fun stuff we used to do when I wasn't totally bogged down in work.

Then, at 9:30pm, the fireworks started. Of course, the dogs went ape-shit. They launched the fireworks off of the Lexington! That's 2 blocks away. They were so close that the smoke from the fireworks wafted over my little shack. I stood in my living room by my window unit and watched the whole thing...sans mosquitos. It was wonderful. It may have been the coolest thing to happen to me since I moved into the little shack. It lasted 20 minutes and cost $20,000. That's $1000 per minute. It was really nice tho... afterwards the stream of cars went down my little street making their way to the road that gets them to Hwy 181 which takes folks either North of Corpus or South into Corpus. The news said there was about 10,000 folks there.

Leno was a rerun so I went to bed rather early for me. I started to watch Syrianna again. I'll finish it tonight when I get home from doing laundry.

So there it is...another exciting day. I miss Dallas and my friends there. I really haven't met anyone I can call my friend down here. And friends of about 30 years have changed. They have brain damage from years of taking antidepressants and not getting the psychotherapy you're supposed to get while taking them. Oh, well... I'll just keep moving forward, leave the buttheads behind and I promise you, I won't look back.


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