Monday, July 17, 2006

16 Blocks

Starring Bruce Willis, David Morse, a rapper whose name escapes me...

I watched the "shocking alternative ending". Then I watched the theatre release. I enjoyed this movie. Yup, it's a Bruce Willis movie, but he doesn't play the smart-ass, cute, dare-devil hero. He's a washed up, crooked, alcoholic, doesn't give a damn type of cop with baaaaaaad breath.

What I loved most is that it is set in China Town and the Bowery in Manhattan. This is VERY close to where my cousin, Mario, lives. They even have a scene in the Canal Street Subway exit. It don't get more closer than dat. I miss NYC. All this movie did was wake up my love for NYC. I shoulda lived there. I shoulda had a career there. I feel like there's no chance of that now. Now, I don't wanna hear anything about positive thinking. Right now, I'm about as positive a thinker as I can manage.

The movie is action packed. If you don't wanna get bummed, watch the theatre release. If you want an ending more like what would prolly happen in real life, watch the alternative ending. I enjoyed the movie.


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