Monday, July 31, 2006

Jaco Pastorius - A Meteor that blazed thru music

That's Jaco. What a great sense of style! I could fall in love with such a superhuman musical talent. No one can say he didn't live his life like he wanted to live it.

Today, during my down time - or when I can get away with it - I am reading about my favorite bass player - Jaco.

I became aware of him on the Joni Mitchell recording "Hejira". I was enchanted. Bewitched with the bass sound that wasn't a bass sound as I'd ever known before. I still listen to that CD and it's still new and fresh to me. He's so all over the place in a song. Such a refusal to be defined by the instrument but to define the instrument. I am promising myself that I will expose myself to more Jaco.

He was indeed like a meteor that blazed thru and was gone. They should make a movie about him. Maybe not. Hollywood would "pretty-fy it all to make a buck". Jaco - we lived thru his life. I am ashamed I didn't know about him until after he died.

He was beaten to death when he tried to break into a nightclub. He had become mentally ill and drugged out and a street person.

Did you know much about Jaco?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday - Yup - Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline Tonight

Wow...things can certainly change quickly. Yesterday I was royally freaking out with what I found out was happening across the street.
Yesterday, 2 of the apartments across the street were rented. A & B. The questionable guy lives in C. I was ecstatic when the new across the street neighbors shouted a hello from the parking lot! "Hello! How's it going? Everything all quiet?", I yelled back. They smiled and yelled back that everything was great! I'm so happy. They look like regular work-a-day people like me. That's what we need in North Beach. More work-a-day people. Later that evening, the Apt C guy, walked over and asked if I'd seen the Landlady. I said no. "Has she been here", he says. I said I had no way of knowing. Maybe attitude seeped thru because he acted like I'd slapped him. I quickly corrected to say that I wasn't home and wouldn't know. I mentioned the new neighbors and how great it was to have someone move in. He said, "We'll see." Wow. My impression was that decent, job-holding people was not what he was hoping for. My Landlady assures me he won't move in to the vacant house next door and I'm trusting her to keep her word on that. We don't need for Mr. Apt C to gain a foothold on my little block. I want a safe, quiet place to live without any drug-dealing or crack smoking going on. He can have his "all night BBQs" somewhere else.
It's gotta stop! Someone dropped off a wonderful little 3-4 lb chihuahua on my porch! I have way too many dogs I'm trying to care for. Of course, I took him in. A friend is checking to see if another friend wants him, but Squeaker (that's what I call him for obvious reasons) has already ingratiated himself into my seahuahua pack. He fits right in. He slept with me already and I may already be a goner for the tiny pup. He's so teeny anyway...he's almost not there!
I'm keeping BlackDawg for as long as I can. While I live on North Beach he for sure has a home. When I get my motorhome (some positive thinking here) I hope to buy/rent a lot where I can fence it and hopefully keep him. He's an extraordinary dawg.
And it stops there! NO MORE DOGS!
I'm feeling better since those people moved in and am praying that Mr. Apt C will leave or tone it down. I was talking to Pat the Corner Grandma and she sez in the evening when she sits on her porch with her dogs, that she could see everything that was going on across the street. It's awful.
Anywho... that's it for today. I'm hoping to get at least one of the females to a shelter this weekend. Please pray for these abandoned dogs. They really are sweet and if I could keep them, I would. I am at the max now for what the city allows in the city limits.
Please pray for these dogs.
thanks for reading my little blog....I appreciate you!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday July 27, 2006

Well, my sense of peace was extremely shortlived. I met my across the street neighbors. The ones that want to move in to the newly vacant house. Oy. Let me just say they believe in better life thru chemicals. It's all they talked about. This chemical experience and that one. Nothing about thier jobs, or goals, or accomplishments.
I spent about an hour with them. I don't think they hold down any jobs. How do they pay their way then? Use your imagination. He talks about having all night BBQs. Oh yea... I want that next door to me. Oh yea... I want that kind of traffic right by my home. He let me know lots more, but prudence dictates I shouldn't spell it out here until I move. And yes, even tho I had decided to stay a few more months, I just that fast, changed my mind. I no longer feel safe. At all. I am depressed that I have to deal with that type people again. I was hoping to settle down for the winter and make it more if a home while I saved for the down on a motorhome. I will have to revise that plan. I feel so sad. I hate moving and I hate looking for a place even more.
I miss those few moments of elation just a few scant hours ago. I wonder if I'll ever be happy again.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday July 26, 2006

Relapse, I think. I feel nauseaus, headachy, and congested. I could sleep all day. Still, I think I'm enjoying this Michelina's chicken pasta 93 cent lunch. It's not bad.
Some woman here at work is going postal over the email proggy migration here on campus. She's all stressed out. The employees are professional. The IS Migration Team is calm and professional. This SECRETARY is rude and barking at people she doesn't need to be barking at. Normally, she's nice. Today - she's lost her mind. She's the boss's secretary, not second in command. Amazing.
I like Microsoft products. I'm not enuf of a tech-y to know better I guess. I don't get why people hate Bill Gates or Microsoft. He sounds pretty cool to me. Microsoft is fairly user friendly - to me. I think I'll like Office 2003.
I can't wait to get home. I'm gonna crash fairly fast, I think. As everything calms down at home, it's like I let myself be sick. I wouldn't let myself be sick while the evil-doers lived next door. Now, that they're gone, I can let my body be sick and then heal.
All the dogs are doing pretty good. The big outside females are gaining weight and not having to roam for food. They know there's food on the porch and they don't have to go look for it in trash cans or at the beach hotels. My seahuahuas have calmed down since they are not put on alert by the puppies outside. During the night, the outside female dogs have calmed down some. They have gotten used to the re-routed traffic that runs closer to the house. Traffic has been re-routed down to Seagull Lane as they repave and put in drainage on the big road that leads to Highway 181.
I'm tired. I'm convinced I have West Nile to tell you the truth. I have mosquito bites on top of older mosquito bites. It would not surprise me in the least.
Last night, in the evening, the mosquitos were gone. I was able to stand on my porch and just enjoy the sea breeze. The BlackDawg is just a playful pup. Everyone is a potential playmate to him. He was playing in the front with the 2 ourside females and it was so sweet just to watch him play.
A man in a big truck stopped by to ask about the house on the corner. He seemed nice. Maybe Middle Eastern. It's hard to tell down here since the Mexican demographic is high. Even the anglos have dark skin down here because everyone goes to the beach, fishes, or seems to do something outside.
I just want some quiet neighbors. I really don't want party-ers. Those other people that introduced themselves kind of set off internal alarms. They knew the "speed-lingo" a little too well. They knew that Paula was a speed freak and talked about her "tweaking". Now, how would they know that? So, I'm praying Sue does some screening of these people and good people move in.
I'm still not 100% so will keep this short. Life is better. I have no real complaints except that I wish I had more energy. Maybe I can catch up on sleep this weekend. I'll start tonight.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Calmer Daze

Well, things seem to calming down so that I am focusing on learning a few more songs for the Crab Shack. I'm working in How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Horse with No Name, Margaritaville, and Ring of Fire. It feels good to think of something other than those evil people next door.
There is, however, a rather large pile of "trash" in front of their place. I scoped it out and found just a smallish little rug I put on my porch for the BlackDawg. Other than that, it was just a bunch of trash to me. Pat, the Corner Grandma, told me that there were people pulling up in trucks to take that junk. Unbelievable. She also told me I should watch out for Richard, the 2nd house from the corner neighbor, because he just might poison the 2 big female dogs. I just wish I could make them stay close to my house as I try to find a rescue group to take them. They will end up getting themselves poisoned or shot, I fear. They are out of control. Many times I call them to come back and then call the BlackDawg, but he's under the house and not out of control. I can't wait to place the 2 females and maybe he will just not go anywhere else.
It's awful quiet without the puppies there. I prayed for them last night. It's all in Gawd's hands now. I tried to do my best but Paula would rather the Animal Control people have them than place them in foster care. What an insane speed freak she is.
I brushed the BlackDawg last night. He had this look of utter joy on his face. I don't think anyone's brushed him ever before. He's so sweet, he thanks me for his food before he walks to his bowl to eat. What a wonderful dog.
My cold is getting better and I am sleeping better now that they are gone. The last month as been just awful, but I see things are getting better. I hope the new neighbors are decent, quiet folk.
Tonight, I will try to pack up 2 large containers and to stick to the plans I made last week for my activities. I've almost got everything totally repacked. I'm gonna try to get a motor home financed this weekend. At least apply to see how bad they're gonna screw me. I would think they'd want to sell those suckers what with the price of gas and all.
I'm just thankful my focus is on MY life these days. It feels good. Now...if we can just not get any Hurricanes this year, it will all be good!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Reprieve for the Big Dogs

Well, the Sheriff came out with the Dog Catcher. They took the puppies since they are considered Paula's property. I have hope that they will be adopted since they look so much better, so much healthier than before. The big dogs however, could not be found! I bet they were hiding under my house! I hope so. I think as long as they are fed they won't go roaming and looking for food. I will do my best to get them into the Humane Society or find a rescue group that may be able to help. I feel slightly better. The puppies may live on the basis of their cuteness. They have 3 days to be adopted out before the city kills them. Pray for those little guys.
Wait a minute... in Dallas, about 14 years ago, I lost my little dog Binkie. I was brushing my teeth one birthday when I looked and he was gone. Gone forever. I would go every 3 days to see if he was at the Pound, but he never was. I spotted this little Apso/Schnauzer mix and asked the folks there if I could adopt him. They told me his people had been evicted and that they had 30 days to get their dog. So, I kept going to the shelter every 3 days for about a month. The little gray dog was still there. I asked them if I could adopt him since it had been 30 days. They said they were gonna give his people one more chance. I called them 3 days later and no one had claimed him. I told them I lost my dog, he lost his people, hook us up! So, I adopted Schultzie. He lived with me til he died of old age in 2002. I had him for 11 years. So, maybe, they will hold these pups for 30 days and then try to adopt them out... I hope so. They stand a better chance of getting a home that way. I can only hope. Maybe someone like me will come along and fall in love with them they way I fell in love with Schultzie. Pray for these doggies. They did nothing wrong and don't deserve to die.

Flu -Like Symptoms

It all seems to suck to me today. I have had flu-like symptoms since Thursday last week. Headache. Fever. Congestion. Cough. Borderline earache. Muscle aches and weakness. I slept most of the weekend. Just getting out to get food and return movies. Another wasted weekend. I didn't return calls and frankly am too depressed about the dogs to want to talk to anyone. I missed my nephew's birthday bash. I was at my sickest Saturday although Friday night was no picnic. Friday night during the gig, people were most compassionate and generous. There were times in the middle of a song when I had to stop playing the guitar, keep singing, and reach over to grab a towel to wipe my dripping nose. My head hurt so bad I thought I was going to faint. I'm feeling better today, tho it's been a helluva weekend.

Today - Hanging In There - Not All Mountains Can Be Conquered I am in the throes of my limitations. I tried all last week to find a home for the 2 big dogs next door. No one cares. No one wants them. They are on borrowed time. It makes me so sad and sick that no one cares enuf to save them.
Today, the Sheriff is to come out with my landlady and make the eviction final. He won't come out if the 2 dogs are there and they will call the Pound. The landlady sez they've called the Humane Society and they will come out, but that doesn't ring true. I don't believe the Humane Society goes out anywhere to get dogs. There is nothing more I can do. She will take the pups to a farm where they will be fostered out. They are doing so much better. They are holding on to their weight now that they are fed on a regular basis. Houdini is downright fat! She escapes when she wants to gobble BlackDawg's food on the porch and drink his water. She goes back to the back yard when she's lonely for her littermates. She's very loving and quite a character. Even the big dogs are doing better in that they no longer roam looking for food now that they are fed well twice a day. It's such a shame. They would've made someone wonderful pets. I feel like a failure. Those dogs will die because I couldn't find them a home and no one cares.

An Unfinished Life

Starring Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Lopez, Josh Lucas, Camryn Manheim

Widow-ed Jennifer Lopez is beat up once too many times by her latest boyfriend, so she and 11 year old daughter Griff hit the road. She ends up having to stay with her dead husband's father, Robert Redford who lives on a ranch in Wyoming. Morgan Freeman is his next door neighbor who's been mauled by a bear. Redford has no idea he has a granddaughter, Griff has no idea she has a Grandfather. A wild bear is interwoven into the story and plays an integral part in the plot. Grandfather and Granddaughter start out not caring for each other, but as the plot unfolds, they grow to appreciate each other. I liked this movie. It is one the whole family can watch. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. It's an entertaining flick.

Friday, July 21, 2006

PeeWee No-Kill Shelter

Well, they finally returned my call. They cannot take Goldie and Brownie. They have no room. So much for that. I'll call the Humane Society to see if it's true that they kill animals and take it from there. This is gonna be a challenge because they are grown and Brownie is probably pregnant. Can anyone help? I keep hitting walls trying to do something good for these innocent animals.

OMG! It's Friday!

*yawn* wow... I feel tired today. I heard noises in the empty house next door in the wee hours this morning. I have been getting better sleep, but, this morning, I almost called in sick. I have a sore throat and congestion and the inside of my ears is tender. Waaaaaaaa!
I shall sing at Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline tonight. I'll try to nap this afternoon when I get home, tho, that may just make me MORE tired.
Those neighbors left quite a mess. I took a peek in the window yesterday and it is about a foot deep of stuff and junk in there. I did not go in.
I just want all this behind me. I'm trying to get Sue to let's hurry and get those puppies where they are supposed to be. I'm getting exhausted feeding 11 dogs twice a day. I'm gonna try the PeeWee Shelter again. I've heard nothing but bad things about them. That they are rude. That they grill prospective adoptive pet people mercilessly. My own sister had a bad experience when she went to adopt Jack her little terrier. I will do my best for those two female dogs, but can only do what I can do. JackBauer will stay until I move. He serves a good purpose being seen at my house.
This morning I patted his side. I pat my other dogs all the time. Love pats. But, I think JackBauer's been beaten. I patted his side and he so, so gently took my hand in his big mouth as if to say, "please don't". Poor dog. I won't pat him.
Well, I'm off. I'm tired. My head and throat are now hurting. I wish I could go home, but I'm in my first 6 months here so I'll suffer.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Met prospective new neighbors

When I got home from work yesterday, I met Sue out front where she generously gave me a 20lb bag of dog chow. The puppies appeared to have eaten recently. They had bulging bellies. There was the smell of caramel permeating the yard. I don't get it. Why caramel? There was some puppy diahrrea but surely that wasn't the caramel smell...hmmm... I still tossed about 2 cups of Dog Chow over the fence so they could munch during the night.
I fed Black Dawg a.k.a. JackBauer. Goldie was hungry so I fed her, too and left some Chow out for Brownie. Brownie is so shy. I'm gonna work on gaining her trust. It will be necessary in case I have to get her in a car to get her to a no-kill shelter.
I guess Paula brought some left-overs from the Salvation Army. The puppies HAD eaten.
I watched the Final Episode of the L Word. I like that show. It centers around the lives of several lesbians in LA. It's got some very good story lines and this episode featured the music of Betty and Heart! I've been a Heart fan for many, many years so I enjoyed that part of it. Tina had her baby but the way the show ended, we don't know if she's going to live. Jenny is going thru some kinda psychological break-down. Bette got fired while she was burying her father. Gloria Steinem attended Bette's father's funeral. Those are my favorite storylines of the show, but overall it's a very entertaining show.
TV sucked last night. I saw a new show called Criminal Minds that was fairly good. It was set in Mexico and was about a serial killer that killed older women and wore a dress. It ended when the women of the pueblo set a trap and took a knife to him. One of them said, "He always wanted to be a woman. Now he is one." Wow, justice a la Lorena Bobbitt.
It ended with a Mexican proverb - "A house is not built on land, but on a woman." Or something like that...
Around 10:30pm I went outside to the porch to check on things before I turned in. My across the street neighbor, Marty, came over and introduced himself. I met his wife, too. His dog, Bud, has been missing for a day. He thinks Paula stole him. I explained that Paula and her kids were staying at the Salvation Army and they don't allow pets. I think someone stole him. He's a very outgoing friendly dog. He REALLY wants to move into Paula's house. It will be nice to get neighbors quickly. I don't like being alone on that corner. They seem nice and he told me he's lived across the street for 1.5 years. He's lived in North Beach for 4 years. He likes living near the water. I hope Bud comes home. Marty's heart seems broken.
Around 4am, I heard sounds like someone was in the house next door. No dogs barking tho. Around 4:30am, tho, the dogs did start barking and didn't let up until about 6am. So, I don't know if someone was still in the house when I left for work.
I hate that. Once I'm gone, my place is a sitting duck. I wonder if my neighbors work. I wonder what they do. I guess we'll all find out real soon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

They are gone, gone, gone

Wow...the nasty neighbors of the starving dogs, of the no electicity, of the stealing my water, of the "it's better because it's more caucasion" are gone.

They were to be evicted today. They received their notice yesterday of the court's decision yesterday because my landlady posted it on their door. It was in their mailbox, but they never check their mail.

When my landlady was in court, she told me a deputy called her out to the hall. It seems this neighbot, the "dad" was a deadbeat dad. They routinely ran his social security number and it came back that he had a warrant for his arrest. They were a no show in court so he was not arrested. The judge granted my landlady's request and he decreed they were to be evicted today, July 19th.

When I got home yesterday, they were not there, so I took the opportunity and fed the puppies. The little corner girl, 8 year old, came by looking for Allie. I told her they weren't there. She is a lonely little girl. No kids live in this neighborhood except for her now. I talked to her for a little while. She said she wanted one of the puppies. I advised her to never find herself alone with those men. She is 8 years old and I know she doesn't have a clue why I would say that.

I am just about of dog food again but fed the puppies as much as I could. They are emaciated again.

They got home at their usual time of 6:45ish. I saw her read the eviction notice and there was lots of movement inside their house. When I went out on to the porch, the 13 year old was standing there with a small backpack and a small tote bag. It prolly contained everything she owned. I really resent these parents for not working and supporting their kids. I went back inside and when I went back outside to get something from my car, they were all walking towards the trolley stop with duffel bags, back packs, and the kids. Jacob turned back and went back into the house. I could hear him looking for something. Shuffeling paper and such.

Around 7:30pm, I peeked out my window and a CCPD squad car was parked alongside my car. I saw the 2 officers walk on the porch, knock on their door, and ask "is everything ok in there?". Jacob answered the door. I backed into my house and looked out a crack in the door. There was talking. Jacob raised his hands in the air, then put them behind his back, then he was handcuffed. More time passed as I went to the window and waited for them to put him in the car. After what seemed like a long time to me, they walked him to the car and put him in the back seat.
After what seemed like another long time, they drove off on Seagull Lane and then turned on Coastal to make their way to the road that gets them on the Harbor Bridge.

I called my landlady and she said Paula was smoking a cig at the corner house. Waiting for Jacob I guess. I drove my car around the corner but she wasn't there. I met Jenna (the little corner girl)'s grandmother who agreed Paula was crazy. The Grandmother was too eager to talk all about Paula. Remind me to never reveal ANYTHING personal to acquaintances or strangers. She told me Paula was staying at the Salvation Army shelter and left because she had to be there before 9pm. She was there waiting for Jacob. They do have money for a cell phone and cigarettes but no money for electricity, water, dog food or rent. The Grandmother even told me Paula was still breast-feeding the 2 year old. Prolly so she won't have to buy food. She said she guessed Jacob must've done something because the Police hauled him away. I mentioned that the PD doesn't haul away people for no reason. We talked for a little while and then I came home and locked myself away. I was exhausted.

I slept better than I had in a long time. I got maybe about 6 hours sleep. Their big dogs are confused. They were quiet during the night. They puppies were quiet this morning. I dropped them a bunch of cat food over the fence to eat. I gave the big dogs a loaf of questionable bread so they at least could eat something. I feel to sad for the dogs who did nothing wrong but belong to the wrong people.

I will try to place the 2 big female dogs with a no-kill shelter. It looks like the Chocolate Lab named Brownie is pregnant again. They are both so damn skinny.

Well, I'd best get back to work. They do expect me to get some actual work done.

I'll fill you in on the latest tomorrow. I did get some decent sleep last night. It had been a long time since I'd slept more than 1 hour at a time. I hope it continues.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Documentary - Film by Judy Irving Rated G

Oh! Oh! Oh! What a most wonderful movie. This film is about a gentle spirited, homeless musician set on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.

I loved this film. I learned of it when I was reading Rosie O'Donnell's blog. She featured the film by listing it as some of the things she loves.

Typically me, I fell in love with the birds. It documents the comings, goings, and lives of a flock of wild parrots. Parrots are not indigenous to San Francisco and there are several stories of how they came into existance. Mark Bittner, the musician, has journaled the lives of these birds. He has named them. You get to see them and experience their very distinct personalities. I recently have learned to love birds since moving to North Beach in Corpus Christi. Coincidentally, they talk of a North Beach in San Francisco. San Francisco is beautiful. It may fall into the ocean eventually, but, I can understand why people live there. I would love to live there. I have never been there. I became attached to these birds via the film and cried and cried at some of the story lines. There is a happy ending. It is a true story. I loved it so much I am going to see it again when I have the chance. Please do yourself a favor and see this film. It truly touched my soul.

Monday, July 17, 2006

16 Blocks

Starring Bruce Willis, David Morse, a rapper whose name escapes me...

I watched the "shocking alternative ending". Then I watched the theatre release. I enjoyed this movie. Yup, it's a Bruce Willis movie, but he doesn't play the smart-ass, cute, dare-devil hero. He's a washed up, crooked, alcoholic, doesn't give a damn type of cop with baaaaaaad breath.

What I loved most is that it is set in China Town and the Bowery in Manhattan. This is VERY close to where my cousin, Mario, lives. They even have a scene in the Canal Street Subway exit. It don't get more closer than dat. I miss NYC. All this movie did was wake up my love for NYC. I shoulda lived there. I shoulda had a career there. I feel like there's no chance of that now. Now, I don't wanna hear anything about positive thinking. Right now, I'm about as positive a thinker as I can manage.

The movie is action packed. If you don't wanna get bummed, watch the theatre release. If you want an ending more like what would prolly happen in real life, watch the alternative ending. I enjoyed the movie.

Black Dawg is back! :-)

I drove home to check on things and things were quiet. I couldn't tell if anyone was home next door. I called for Black Dawg and there he was all sleepy and stretching and muddy. Gawd only knows where he was. I worry that the Animal Control folks will pick him up. I'm just glad it's one less thing I have to worry about.

Those dastardly Neighbors

I forgot to mention that when I got home on Friday, I couldn't unlock my lock. The neighbors jammed something in it so that I could not unlock it. My landlady had to come out with a bolt cutter so that we could remove it. I had to get inside to get my guitar for my gig. Gawd, I hate them. They are mad because one of their starving puppies, Houdini, regularly escapes and eats Black Dawg's food. They don't want me feeding her dawgs.

On a positive note...

Friday was a great gig at the Crab Shack! Lotsa families. It felt like one big party! I got 2 little girls to come up and sing. Faith and Danica. It was Jenny's 11th birthday, so she got to wear a beak and flap 2 to go containers like wings and be the Crab Shack Seagull for her birthday. The whole restaurant joined in in singing Happy Birthday and it was a great night of fun!

Landlady Gets Eviction Ruling for My Neighbors

Well, today, my landlady went to court to get those losers evicted. She called and left a message that they are to leave the premises July 19th. I can't wait. They are liable to be dangerous until then. I hope they don't burn down my house. Hurt my dogs. Steal from me. This is the most dangerous time. She's likely to go completely bonkers. I will go home at lunch and check on things. I have no mercy for them. They have been stealing from me. I'm barely hanging on financially since I moved to Corpus and now I have to worry about my water bill.
I can't wait to see them go.

Water Thieves

Yes, my landlady was right. My neighbors are stealing my water. Saturday, when I checked my mail, I opened what I thought was my water bill. It was for $647!!!!! When I collected myself I noticed that it was for the Neighbors. Yup. There it was in black and white. Final Bill. Last date of service May 02, 2006. Water tampering fine. Water meter lock. Gas meter lock. They've been stealing water from me since May 02, 2006!!!!
So, I went and stuck my finger in the water spigot that faces the street. Dry as a bone. I went to get me some iced coffee and breakfast, a combination lock in Portland. When I got back I checked the spigot and it was wet. Yup. They are waiting for me to leave and prolly running a hose and filling up containers, toilets, tubs or whatever and helping themselves. That's all I needed. To provide water for a family of 5. They even do their laundry and hang it on the fence. With MY WATER. So, I leaned a broomstick against the spigot. The next time I looked, it looked like the broomstick was simply thrown on the side disrespectfully and there were drips of water. It's like they don't even care. It's like they're saying, WE WILL TAKE YOUR WATER.
I have no options here. If I manage to lock the spigot, that means their little kids will have NO water. Then, they will get very desparate. Desparate enuf to break into my house, steal from me, hurt my dogs, who knows? So, I will let them take my water.
I feel awful. The only reason they've been able to stay in that house without paying rent for 3 months, without electricity, is because they've had water. I've been unknowingly enabling them!
I hate to look at their toilets.

Black Dawg is gone :-(

Wow... there was all kinds of barking going on last night. I don't know if I slept at all. I never saw anyone out there when I peeked out. When I put breakfast out for the Black Dawg, he was not around. The neighbor's 2 big dogs were not around. I suspect the Dog Catcher made an early sweep of North Beach. They are closed today, so I have to wait until tomorrow to go view the appreehendees. I hope he's just out running around on the beach with the other two, but don't think so. My seahuahuas were all over me and nervous when I woke up. It was like they wished they could talk and just tell me something. So, I will wait until tomorrow and then see if they can let me pick him up on Payday. He's too sweet a dog to see put to death for hanging around bad influences (the neighbor's dogs). Poor dawg.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday July 14, 2006 Joe's Crab Shack

Well, it's time again for the Crab Shack. Hope you can come on out. I'm being eaten alive by mosquitos. They sprayed OUTSIDE the round building where I work, and mosquitos must have a bigger brain then we think...they came inside! My desk must have a sign in mosquito language that says, "BUFFET". I've killed about 15 of those suckers just this morning. I will bring my can of repellent Monday.

I don't feel like working.

The escapee puppy, I'll call him, Houdini, (that's him on the left) from now on, came on the porch and munched down on Black Dawg's food. He's no fool. He drank water. He chowed down. He's a survivor if he can just keep from getting run over. Some way, some how, I want to snatch him and take him to Sue so we can get him fostered out. Since he escapes, it's not unreasonable to assume someone would find him and keep him.

I didn't feed the pups per her raging request. They look skinny again. It didn't take long for them to look emaciated. Maybe they will be lucky dogs and the Neighbors won't be home when I get home. I'll feed them just enuf so they eat everything and leave no evidence that I fed them. She's insane. They don't leave water out for the puppies and I'm convinced they are stealing my water. I barely use water and my bill is like for a family of 5, the family of 5 next door.

They go to court on Monday for eviction. I sure hope the judge gets them the hell out of there.

Well, I've mosquitos to kill and numbers to crunch. I'll write more Monday and fill you in on the latest. Pray those people get evicted Monday. I am.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hi! I am Black Dawg!

Well here he is in all his vicious glory - Black Dawg. I am bound and determined to find him a good home. He deserves it. He is the most gentle giant I have met in a long time. He spends alot of time playing with the neighbor's escapee puppy and an across the street neighbor's white pup. This puppy ate his food. Drank his water and he was non-plussed. I can pet his head as he eats. He cries at night missing his former family. I don't even know what his given name is. His teeth are in better shape than mine! He may as well hang a sign on his neck that sez "I just want to love somebody!"
He is a big boy. He does eat. But he seems to be in great health and like I said, he is so so gentle. I wish I could keep him, but more dogs than I already have is just madness. Whoever he ends up with is lucky indeed.

It Hits the Fan on Thursday July 13, 2006

Well, it had to happen I guess. It hit the fan this morning.

This morning after I dropped food over the fence just before driving to work, Paula comes out half dressed telling me to not feed her dogs. I replied that I would since they were starving. And we were off to the races. I said some things I prolly shouldn't have said and I'm not too proud of. She made threats to call the animal control folks because I had too many dogs! What the??? I only have 4 - chihuahuas at that! More words were exchanged. She said that I exceeded the dog limit for "inside dogs".

Anyway, she said the puppies wouldn't eat her food so don't feed them. I told her I would since they were starving according to the Humane Society. I was referring to the feel the ribs, not see the ribs criteria Vets use. She screamed, "so, you called the Humane Society on me". I hadn't, but she made that leap.

She took my silver dog food bowl and banged it on the fence violently. Then I asked her for my dog bowl back which whe filled up with the puppy food I'd given them and shoved it at me over the fence. I emptied the food back over the fence and took my dog bowl. She screamed like a banshee and said she was filing criminal charges against me. What the??? I told her to go ahead. More words were exchanged. Bottom lining it, I don't feel my seahuahuas are safe while I'm at work. I think her husband will keep her from being stupid, but there's no guarantee.

I think I called her an ungrateful bitch more than once. After all I've done for them. That should prove no good deed goes unpunished.

She said that she was calling animal control because Black Dog had tried to attack her child. This is clearly a lie as I took pix of Black Dog playing like a baby with one of her puppies that escaped his puppy misery yesterday. So, then I told her any call she could possibly think of making, I could return the volley and then worse. That I would call the city on her dogs which ran loose and and against which there are already complaints on because they menace the mailman, garbage men, etc. So, I advised think carefully before you do anything.

They seem to get home on the last bus out to North Beach everyday now, so when they got home yesterday, they put all their puppies inside. They snatched the escapee (since I courteously left my front gate unlocked for them) and put them all inside. Like I'm trying to collect their puppies. Yea, right. I just live so I can have 4 puppies, 4 chihuahuas, and Black Dog. I can so afford that.
She's not right.

I'm tempted to go home and check on things during lunch. Like I can afford the gas.
Still, my babies are there defenseless against her madness.

I checked the City of CC Codes website and the legal limit for pets is 6 in the city. I need to find Black Dog a home so he won't be her victim. He's one sweet dog and I don't see harming a fly. A mosquito maybe, but not a fly. He's as gentle as they come. When I get home, I have to see about securing the bottom of the house so he can't get out and get himself in trouble simply by existing. Poor big dog.

So, if I don't post tomorrow morning, it means something's happened to me. I'm glad tomorrow's a short day. Today I work til 7pm.

Please pray for me and my dogs. She's quite mad.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Everything is all about me....

If you every want to read a little more about me....(ya prolly had enuf already). You can find more info at -

Just another place I regularly update info....

Today is Wednesday... I'm gonna finish watching that 24 DVD - I think it's #4. life is full of excitement....I have a DVD to look forward to...
I'm fairly reclusive anyway.... I don't like to go out drinking. That much has changed. I can't remember the last time I had a drinkee. Oh well...

She's My Hero - Sue, My Landlady

She's my hero. Yesterday when I left work I drove home over the Harbor Bridge and met Sue at the Circle K on North Beach. There, she gave me a 20 lb bag of Dog Chow for the puppies. She also gave me a bunch of coupons for free tacos at the Laredo Company at other Circle Ks. Cool. That's where I get breakfast tacos everyday until I start my diet sometime in the near future.
When I got home, the neighbors weren't home, so I dropped about 4 cups of Dog Chow over the fence. I get the feeling all they eat are leftover scraps from my neighbors, so I seriously doubt they are getting the protein they need for their growing little bones. They looked emaciated again, so, I am hoping there isn't anything more seriously wrong with them. I keep my seahuahuas home to keep them from catching any diseases that may be in the air from stray dogs and these puppies. They scarfed up most of those 4 cups of dog food. They do look better and don't have that look of panic starving dogs have. They ate until they couldn't eat anymore and just flopped bellies to the dirt to rest from all that eating. Poor puppies.
I then went to Taco Bell in Portland to get something to eat. I still didn't feel up to snuff. Just feel tired, worn out and on the verge of getting sick. When I rounded the corner to my place, I saw the neighbors talking to the corner house people. Paula glared at me. I was getting out of my car when I heard Alex the 13 year old saying, "She doesn't have any reason to ...." as she got home from the corner and went inside. The kid from the corner must've told them I was taking pix of the pups. If they ask, I'm gonna tell them they were pix of Black Dog to find him a home and that the kid just didn't understand.
So, this morning, I dropped another 4 cups of food over the fence. I hope they don't do anything to my shack or my dogs. I piled stuff in front of my back door.
When I got to work this morning, I checked the want ads and found one for a lost lab. I called the number. The lady that answered said that she already found her dog. Damn. I was really hoping I'd found Black Dog's home. I'll place an ad and time it so that it comes out in Sunday's paper when I think they have the most readers.
In the meantime, Black Dog is just a big old dog. He's very loving and wants to play. He takes my hand in his mouth and holds it. He puts his giant paw on my leg and circles me. He's one sweet big old dawg.
Anybody want a big hearted Black Dawg?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Batman!

That Dashing Super Hero is Batman! He's seahuahua #3 in the procurement order. He's Viggo Mortensen's littermate. He was 4 months old in that picture.

He's the shy one. He's the one Gomez challenges for alpha status since Bubba and Viggo don't play that. He's super attached to me and sleeps by my head everynight. If he's not by my head, he's by my side under the covers. He raises his rump and bows down his front legs and barks his hello to me everyday when I get home from work. I have to feed him in the crate because the others steal his food. I feel compelled to protect him. He's the slender type of seahuahua. If you look at the markings on his little face, they look like Batman's mask.

He's a bit of the nervous type. Gets a little spastic when things get excitable. He's my littlest baby.

He's Batman.

Feeling Puny Tuesday July 11, 2006

Hello Darling Readers...
Today, I awoke feeling a bit under the weather so this post will be a small one. My head feels cloudy. My sinus's (is that even a word, can you "plural" sinus?) feel congested (damn if I didn't forget to take my Benadryl!). I feel weak. Tired. Achy. I sure hope I haven't come down with West Nile or something. Remember, I have mosquito bites on top of mosquito bites.

I'm also upset at the condition of those puppies. When I got home the little girl down the street asked me if I knew when the Neighbors would get home as I paid some attention to Black Dog. That was my clue. I ran in and got my digicam and took some snapshots of the pups. I had it on the wrong setting (portrait vs. landscape) and most of them were blurry. They were clear enuf to see the little rib bones. Clear enuf to see their sunken in stomach. Clear enuf to see their little hips. I've uploaded just one because it's too depressing.

It breaks my heart. I immediately got a little sauce pan and twice dumped about 4 cups of food over the fence. They scampered about eating it like they were starving because they are starving.

In the meantime, Black Dog is becoming attached to me. He takes my hand in his big old mouth and ever so gently "mouths" it. He ever so gently puts his paws on my thighs. He's one sweet dog and I am going to try very hard to place him in a loving home. I gave him one of my spoiled seahuahua old toys and he didn't seem too interested, but this morning I found it in the front yard where he spends a large portion of the night like maybe he took an interest later.

Well, that's all for today. I'm kinda pooped and sad and need to focus on work while I'm here. laterz my friends....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Surface of the Moon

Hmmm...I wonder what they pave the roads with down here? The way they've decayed after the rains you would think they are paved with sugar. It looks like the surface of the moon. There are craters and sinkholes. I mean, it has rained for 9 days straight and I guess you couldn't possibly expect for the roads to hold up. Even on SPID there are pot holes. There's a huge one when you turn on to my street in North Beach.
Kinda scary to think what would happen with a Hurricane beating down on them.

Monday Monday July 10, 2006

I'm tired. I'm sleepy. Too many dogs barking in the night and me not being able to tell if it's other dogs or trespassers.

Sometime in the past coupla days, a beautiful black lab has appeared at my sea shack. He looks kinda young. Very tame. Let's me pet his head while he eats. He howls during the night. I guess he misses his former home. I dunno if my neighbor's dog is in heat again, or if he just ran off on the beach, or if some a**hole dumped him at my door. He's very sweet. I just call him "Black Dog". He eats alot. Compared to my 4 seahuahuas, it's a huge amount of food. Take into account that I'm feeding my neighbor's dogs from time to time, it's more than I can afford. The 4 puppies next door are skinny. This weekend I dropped a whole bunch of puppy bisquits I got real cheap at the Walmart. I bought extra weenies and they puppies were given some of those. I gave weenies to the new boy - Black Dog. My dogs don't understand and don't like all this food going out the front door. Or that sweet baby talk I'm giving to the Black Dog. It's funny to me how they have the money for cigarettes yet can't manage to get the electricity on or feed their dogs. I must sound like an awful person, but I can't understand it. When I was unemployed, I survived on some awful stuff called Hill Country brand from HEB. It's their generic brand. While some stuff is not so bad, other stuff is just awful. I was forced to feed my seahuahuas the Hill Country brand dog food. Bubba lost hair. Their little stomachs were upset. But, I did not even put myself above them. I ATE the HEB stuff, too! HEB tuna and mac, HEB tortillas, HEB everything. We all ate crappy food. And there was no money for movie rentals, diet sodas, nuffin! It's a good thing that now, I am able to buy them Iams. I miss the Muenster Dog Food I usta get in Dallas. It's very nutrient rich and costs about the same, but you can't get it here in CC. So, I don't understand how there can be money for cigarettes when the ribs are poking thru the puppies bellies.
I called my Landlady - Sue - and we have a plan. She's taking the neighbors to court next Monday on the 17th for eviction. When they are gone, we're gonna put the puppies on a website along with Black Dog and we're gonna find them a home. I found out that the Humane Society will KILL dogs they have longer than 7 days. Real Humane, huh? I think they have a no kill shelter here in CC and will check into that. They will probably put the 2 big female dogs in the pound as well. It worries me so. If I have to drive them to San Antonio to a no-kill shelter, I will.

It's heartbreaking to hear Black Dog crying out for the family he misses. The next step is to check the newspaper to see if someone's lost a black lab. I will make up a sign and hang it on my fence that I have a found dog. Then, if no one claims him, I will find a home for him. This is my project. He's a very sweet doggie. Anybody out there want a sweet doggie?

So, I am weary today. I am disappointed with my fellow humans for what they've done to this poor dog. He seems so lost emotionally. I wish I could keep him but that would be nothing short of insane. I can't handle 5 dogs financially and have to no plan for an extra dog should we get a hurricane and I have to evacuate. I mean, if I had the money and land I would prolly get myself in trouble because I haven't met a dog I didn't love.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind today. I didn't really do anything this weekend except laundry. I saw Syrianna again. Great flick. I dropped off a suitcase of clothes I can't wear at the Goodwill. Returned the movie. Drank lotsa coffee. Was mostly bored and worried.

I'd like to send a shout-out and big appreciation hug to Angelia and ShyAngel for their kind words of encouragement. They do me so much good as I am stuck here in CC. Anyway, I gotta clock back in from lunch. I'll write more tomorrow and see what updates I can give on the Black Dog.

Anybody want a great, lovable, sweet Black Dog?

Friday, July 07, 2006

June 05, 2006 LaGloria

I was driving to work this morning and saw these little flag thingees dangerously close to the Harbor Bridge. I had heard on the radio that this "tall ship" was coming in to Port. It was a sailing vessel from Columbia. There was even an Ex-President from Columbia sailing in on it. All manner of dignitaries were meeting it and for $25 or so they would take you on a tour of it. Well, I had at the time was enuf money for the batteries for my cam so I managed to get a couple of shots of the tall ship. It was beautiful and there was conga music coming from on board. It was hard to get these shots as I could not position myself directly across the Harbor on the other side to get a side shot of the ship. So, I climbed down to the Ferry stop and got these 2 front shots. On the Friday after the ship arrived, I was singing at Joe's when there the went...back out to sea. It was beautiful even tho her sails were not unfurled. I could see her heading out from my little stage. Needless to say, I sang many nautical themed songs that night. I was filled with a desire for an exciting life full of adventure in foreign lands. Meeting people whose language I didn't speak and whose appearance I did not resemble.
Still, I'm grateful for my gig at the Crab Shack and for living in this tropical could be worse. It can always be worse. But, the ship was beautiful and you don't see those everyday. My life is good.

Friday Again - It's time for Joe's Crabshack Lighthouse

Well, it's Friday again. It's hard to believe! I'll be singing tonight at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse at 440 Shoreline Drive in Corpus Christi.

That handsome fellow on the left? That's Viggo Mortensen. You can call him Viggo. His birthday is March 03, 2004. That's him when he was 2 months old. He's all grown up and 2 years old now. I call him The Nurse. He licks everybody's booboos. He licks my face when I'm crying and depressed and lays his head on my lap and won't leave me until I stop. He's a very lovable pooch. He gets along with the other 3 and doesn't play their alpha doggie games. He's polite when waiting for treats. He doesn't try to steal them the way Bubba the Bandido does. He's one of my pack of seahuahuas. He was the doggie number 2 in the procurement order.

Viggo Mortensen at 2 months old. You can call him Viggo.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 05 and July 06, 2006- the heavens opened and water fell like a water fall

Oh my was a scary kind of rain. It was like the sky just opened and an ocean poured from above. It was a wall of rain. When I left work at 5pm, the student dorm parking lots were flooded and students had their pants rolled up and the water came up to their ankles or mid-calf as they made their way home. Parts of the parking lot were flooded halfway up car's tires. As I drove home, Ocean Drive wasn't all that bad and drivers were pretty good about not driving crazy. I had to go to Portland to renew my car insurance, but those dingdongs close at 5:30pm and I didn't make it on time. I picked up some dinner and went home. I parked as close as I could to the gate and managed to get inside without sinking in the mud. It floods something awful where I live. All of North Beach can drain and dry out, but it's still muddy and wet just where I live. It sucks.

Today, Thursday, is my long day at work. It rained pretty hard around noon and I dread going home after a 10 hour day to see how bad it may be. They say on TV this is the worst of it. I sure hope so.

On a side note, my neighbors were nowhere to be seen til about 10pm when I saw the husband pulling his laundry off of the fence where they set it out to dry. Without electricity, they must be hand washing it. With 3 kids, 2 in diapers, that's gotta be some kinda big drag. I didn't hear a peep and don't know if the whole family was there. The poor puppies spent the night outside and that one injured one is dragging a hind leg when he walks. Their back yard is just one giant mud puddle. It breaks my heart. I can hear the puppies crying in the night and they are skinny again. The momma dog has some kind of scrape or skin thing happening on her face. I want so bad to help the dogs, but don't want them to see me do it. I don't care if the grown-ups are hassled, but those dogs are innocent as are the children.

I swear if I get my motor home and manage to move first (and that doesn't look like it will happen right away), I WILL call the Humane Society and pray they pick up those puppies and maybe they can find a good home for them. They are really cute and smart. They are just skinny and starved for attention as well.

I better stop. I get extremely sad and bothered just thinking of this. It's almost time to go home so I'd best be cleaning off my desk and get home to MY OWN little doggies.

La Cumbia del Mole - Lila Downs

One of my new favorite songs. In Spanish. Her dad was/is Scottish. Her mom's a Zapotec Indian from Mexico. Lila Downs is an amazing musician. You can hear a mish-mash of everything in her music. This song haunts me and I may end up learning it. I heard her music when I was listening to KCRW in Santa Monica from LA on my computer at work. I listen to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic to become aware of all the newest, coolest music. You can find them at . My sister in LA, Rita, turned me on to this. She's turned me on to many, many very cool things. Anyways...gotta scoot. Lunch time is over and my boss is cracking his whip. (actually, he's never done this...he's a way cool boss)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gotta Trust Myself (Fridays Joe's Crab Shack)

It started out quietly. When I walked in and read the room, I got a rainy day, quieter kind of mood day. The room was filled with families and older folks. Generally this means a quieter kind of music is called for. Music that won’t jangle parents nerves more than they already are from taking toddlers out to dinner. Music that the old folks can whisper to each other over while they chat and eat. Well, that was challenged by a bimbo at the bar who wanted to drink and party hearty. She put One Whole Dollar in my tip jar and asked me to do something more perky. Something more upbeat. Something happier. Now, mind you, I wasn’t doing depressive music, just quieter music. Then the bartender was shouting out to do some Bruce Springsteen, Some J Geils, some Buffet. I don’t do any of those artists because they don’t match MY style. MY voice.
Well, she preyed on my insecurities which were wide open because of having to face that I will have to move sooner rather than later. I was a little down, but my music was quiet, not sad.
Well, I did as she requested. I spiked the music and did more upbeat, rock songs. Sure enuf, the old ladies put their hands over their ears. No one wanted to be seated close to the state which is normally not a problem. The children became irate which made the parents irate. I felt even more down and like a failure.
So, I took a break and sat myself down and gave myself a good talking to. I reminded myself that I had been doing this for 30 years. That I was good at what I did and that I knew what I was doing. That I should gauge the WHOLE ROOM and not what some drunk bimbo wanted from the bar. There were only 2 people at the bar.
So, when I got back, I resumed my course. I played soft, mellow, happy love songs.
The tips started to appear in my jar. The children and parents started to smile. I did a coupla kids songs which made the parents happy. The old people smiled at the kid’s songs. I saw toes tapping and smiles and not hands over ears and irate folks.

So what did I learn? To trust my instincts. I am the one entrusted to providing music. There is a time to be boistrois and rowdy and there is a time to be quiet. I learned I know more about what has to be done in this job than some “desparately desiring coolness” and wanting tips bartender, or some bimbo out to party hearty on a Friday night drinking and not having dinner kind of person.

Trust myself.

2006 Fourth of July

This was not the most exciting Fourth of July for me. Since no one seemed to be available for me to talk to except my friend, Chuck, and no one returned my calls, I spent it alone.

That's okay. My highlight was going into Portland and treating myself to a Coffee on Ice at Starbucks and then taking some pictures of pelicans on the little pier on the north end of North Beach. I then went home and packed up some more. I get bored pretty quick with this packing stuff. If I should end up moving August 1st (and I don't think I can - I haven't even applied for my motorhome), I will have lived in 7 different places in 13 months. It's enuf to drive anybody nuts. I keep packing and re-packing trying to be smart about my belongings in case I need to put them in storage for a hurricane or something or in case I get my motorhome/rv/or whatever.

Anyways...the "whipped" husband next door had the cojones to ask me for a ride to the Walmart to get "chicken for the children". He said he could give me $2 for gas. That's not even a gallon. I swear they are getting worse. Now, they expect me to taxi them around for just about nothing. I said okay. I don't want children to go hungry. So, when I get into the car to move it out of the mud so's I can clear the front seat, out pops Paula with a great big old smile which just pissed me off. I told her in no uncertain terms that I didn't appreciate the "caucasion" comment she made. She got pissed off and yelled harshly, "well, I'm sorry" as if she was the one that was right. I said that it doesn't matter. That it was said and there was no fixing it. That I would give her a ride so that the children would have food. She said to forget about it. I yelled something back about her stupid pride getting in the way of getting her children food. She screamed back that the children had food. I said fine and drove away.

When I got back home, I encountered Jacob as he was riding his bike to go to the over-priced convenience store on North Beach. I spoke to him about Paula alienating the Landlady and if they'd been smart and since they were clearly wrong in owing 3 months back rent, they should've apologized to her, asked her for forgiveness, and may things wouldn't have turned out like they did. He said that the Landlady shouldn't have threatened them with agencies. I told him they shouldn't have backed her into a corner. The funny thing is that they are indignant like there are "right" in this matter. I guess they think it's okay to live in a place for free months and months.

That people as a rule don't do nice things when they are backed into a corner. He refused my offer of a ride and said that they had food for the children, that what they wanted was just a something a little extra for the Fourth of July. So, it was out. They used the "food for the children" rouse as a way to manipulate me into taking them into Portland. Now, I see that that's how they operate. Here I've been, totally concerned for them and all I've been to them is a free ride. Screw 'em.

I watched House and then NCIS. I love House. He's such a prick. Rude, obnoxious, yet...somehow, charming. Go figure. Maybe I'm just one sick puppy. NCIS is always good. I love Mark Harmon and David McCullough.

The other highlight was talking in the phone to one of my best pal o'pals, Lori. I didn't realize just how much I miss her and how much I under appreciated her when I was in Dallas. She's one of the best friends I've in my whole life and can't wait to get back to Dallas in about a year so we can do the fun stuff we used to do when I wasn't totally bogged down in work.

Then, at 9:30pm, the fireworks started. Of course, the dogs went ape-shit. They launched the fireworks off of the Lexington! That's 2 blocks away. They were so close that the smoke from the fireworks wafted over my little shack. I stood in my living room by my window unit and watched the whole thing...sans mosquitos. It was wonderful. It may have been the coolest thing to happen to me since I moved into the little shack. It lasted 20 minutes and cost $20,000. That's $1000 per minute. It was really nice tho... afterwards the stream of cars went down my little street making their way to the road that gets them to Hwy 181 which takes folks either North of Corpus or South into Corpus. The news said there was about 10,000 folks there.

Leno was a rerun so I went to bed rather early for me. I started to watch Syrianna again. I'll finish it tonight when I get home from doing laundry.

So there it is...another exciting day. I miss Dallas and my friends there. I really haven't met anyone I can call my friend down here. And friends of about 30 years have changed. They have brain damage from years of taking antidepressants and not getting the psychotherapy you're supposed to get while taking them. Oh, well... I'll just keep moving forward, leave the buttheads behind and I promise you, I won't look back.


starring - George Clooney, Chris Cooper, Matt Damon, William Hurt, some great Middle Eastern actors I don't know

The Oscar went to George Clooney as Best Supporting Actor

Wow. What a great movie! I was riveted the whole time. I enjoyed watching the Mid Eastern scenery. There is one part not for the squeemish when Clooney's character is tortured. Clooney seemed to have gained about 20-30 lbs for the role. Even so, than man is not hard on the eyes. There is a surprise ending. Matt Damon was pretty darn good, too. It haunts you. I hate the way things work in politics and the oil business. I thought it was a damn good movie.

I really like George Clooney's work. Except for Batman and Solaris, I don't think he's ever put out crappy stuff. Perfect Storm, Three Kings, Dusk to Dawn (Directed by Robert Rodriguez of Austin), Out of Sight (with Jennifer Lopez) all count in my favorite films list.

I'd say watch it. Maybe watch it twice since you know what will happen next.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Deep Impact on Regular Broadcast TV

Starring Tea Leoni, Morgan Freeman

Even tho this was on regular TV, I like it so much. I used the commercials to get munchies, clean house, play with my dogs, make phone calls, and even with all that, it held my interest. It's just so sad and I can't help but feel that maybe we all have to face that situation in the future. What would I do? What would you do? Would the world collapse in chaos, or would we call on our higher selves in how to deal with it? Maybe it's because I tend to be depressed these days, I dunno. The doomsday scenario totally captivated me.


starring actors I didn't recognize

This is a Steven Spielberg flick. It was done well, but I couldn't muster any excitement. I remember putting it in pause as I found other things to do during the movie. I recall a VERY similar movie with an actor named - Steven Bauer. In that one, tho, they were assasinating Nazi war criminals. The plot was strikingly similar and so it felt like I'd seen this movie before. It was done well, but, it, too didn't hold my interest like I feel it should. Nothing seems to hold my interest like the TV show 24 anyway.

North Country

Starring Charlize Theron and the Dad from Six Feet Under, Frances MacDonald, Woody Harralson, Sissy Spacek

This movie was .... okay. It seemed a little long for me. It was predictable. Frances MacDonald played the cliche tough woman. Woody Harralson was uncharacteristically subdued as an attorney and may have been the move "likable" of all the characters. Sissy Spacek was almost unrecognizable to me. It was set in Northern Minnesota. I kept getting distracted and couldn't bring myself to care for any of the characters. There were no cute pets, even, to capture my attention. It's .... okay.


Well, it's still raining off and on... and it perfectly matches my mood. The way it floods here it really makes me wanna move.
My neighbors, instead of trying to talk reasonably with my landlady, have waged war. They are 3 months behind on their rent. I can't blame my landlady for losing patience and wanting her money. When the landlady started talking eviction to them, Paula said the landlady was threatening "her husband", poor, meek, little whipped thing that he is. It's a hassle and expensive to file, so I can't blame the landlady for trying to get them to move without filing. They say she keeps coming by and threatening them with the Police, CPS, and whatever other weapons she can think of to get them to move out without having to file for eviction. I can understand her impatience, but she is limited in her actions by the law. She HAS TO file for eviction, have the neighbors served, then a court date has to be set, then they have to go to court and barring any further delays, THEN she can have them thrown out and the locks changed. She knows this and that's why she's playing hardball. I can only imagine - what? It's about $1000 they owe here? I'd be plenty pissed.
Me? When I was faced with a similar situation due to not being able to find a job that paid enuf for me to pay my car AND rent, opted to keep paying on my car and then just quietly moved out instead of incurring an eviction on my "permanent record". I owed the rent. I knew it. I also knew there was no way I could pay it.
Paula kind of pissed me off so I am not inclined be very open to her situation. I feel bad for her kids, whipped husband, and her 6 big dogs, but she blew it with me.

This is a woman who's family I rescued when they were stranded in Corpus with no bus fare or taxi fare after the buses stopped running for the day. I have run her numerous times to the Walmart in Portland, many times for nary a dime. I have taken her whole family to the Loaves and Fishes ministries to get free food. I have wormed all six of her dogs when they were getting too skinny for me to be able to just stand by. I have fed her six dogs because I can't stand starving dogs. I have given them household items and clothes I could no longer wear - tshirts and such. Since they have no electriticy, I charge their cell phone that they use as an alarm clock and clock. I mention all this as a preamble to why I am no longer open to her.

She was mentioning a place here in Corpus called Flour Bluff where there is affordable housing and where they may not be inclined to care much about my 4 seahuahuas (each weighs about 10 lbs.). She made the mistake of saying it was better because it was more "caucasion". I was steamed and made a tacky comment about perferring to live amoung Mexicans instead of "white trash". Not too nice but I was mad. I haven't seen one caucasion helping these people out. Just this stupid Mexican who has tried to help them. Me. I had also offered to help her study for her waitress test at the Crab Shack over coffee somewhere and I offered to take her with me to take a look-see in Flour Bluff to see for ourselves what may be available, but because of her statement, decided to claim I had a migraine and would not be able to do either. This Non-Caucasion will not help them. I may feed her dogs because it's no fault of theirs, but she I will not help anymore. I was hurt and stunned and mad.
So, Gawd only knows what will happen to them. Hopefully she'll pass her waitress test and be able to work the Fourth of July - which they way is a very lucrative day at the CrabShack.
I will eventually move. It may not be Flour Bluff. I am going to try to find something in Portland. Maybe I can find something closer to work. I'd rather stick to my plan and get a motorhome.
And just to make it all worse, my gig has come open again in Dallas. They are getting ready to fire the woman who replaced me at the Sonoma Grill. I wish I was back in Dallas already. The fact that I will return has been decided. I just need to make it happen.
The animal life, the history, the beach are all so wonderful here. Generally, the people suck. I can't seem to make friends here and miss my pals in Dallas. They pay stinks beyond all belief. Now, I'm in the prison of time as I wait to position myself for my move back. Boohoo...woe is me!
Anywho, enuf of this sad stuff. I'll survive. One way or another. I miss Dallas. I miss Indian food. I miss being able to get whatever I need when I need it in Dallas. I miss the excitement of the Mavericks when everyone down here is a Spurs fan. I miss Dallas.