Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yesterday Tuesday June 27, 2006

I got a better night's sleep last night. I still get up everytime my neighbor's outside dogs start barking in the middle of the night. I am so grateful that they are there keeping guard over my little corner of the world, but they tend to bark just as fervently at trespassing dogs from down the block as they do to humans they don't know. I still have to check it all out. So, I'm up and down a few times during the night and 6am gets here awful fast when you're shorted on your sleep. Last night, they barked up a storm. Jacob, Paula's husband next door, even went outside all sleepy and bleary eyed, to check it out. It sounded like they were down the block one way when they were actually across the street and under the small apartment house's stilts. The acoustics here on this little island can be deceiving. They soon trotted home and I managed to go back to sleep after my 4 seahuahuas calmed down.

More info on the jumper. Word from my landlady is that someone saw him in the water in the Harbor, but no one actually found him. What I fear are the copycat jumpers like they have off of the Golden Gate Bridge. What I fear are more sleepless nights of Police swarming my little corner here 1 block from the Harbor looking for surviving jumpers.

I met my landlady yesterday evening. She seems pretty nice. She's a dog lover so I know we'll prolly get along. She impressed me in that she worked with the Katrina Animal Rescue folks after that big storm. She lives on North Beach, too, at the fancy condos on the other end. They have been struggling with car thefts by the indigents or druggies. Unfortunately, as they drive them away from the North end of North Beach, they tend to relocate to my end by the Harbor. She did give me a good idea for a theft deterrant for my car. She suggested stringing a few beer cans so that they jangle if the car is moved. Since it would prolly take me a few months to get that many beer cans, this weekend I'm gonna buy a 12 pack of Cokes, well, Diet Cokes and make that Coke can alarm system. My current deterrent seems to be working well so far. I drive up so close to my little fence, not even the neighbors yellow dog can squeeze by my car! The objective is that if they manage to pry off my door handle, they will still be unable to open the car door and get in. My landlady highly encouraged me to call the CCPD for the slightest violation.

I am worried that my neighbors won't be able to me make rent. They are struggling greatly. If they leave, I will lose the benefit of their doggie patrol. I do what I can for those dogs. I feed them extra dog food, I give them worm medicine, I give them Oscar Meyer weenies for treats. If they get evicted, I will be alone on that corner. That would be scary indeed if the evil-doers looking for victims get wind of it. I won't freak out. I won't freak out. I won't freak out.

Well, that's it for today. Lesse what tomorrow brings.


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