Monday, June 19, 2006

Trying to Trick the Junkies

hmmmm...sonovabit-che....Someone, some piece of crap is trying to steal my car in North Beach. They've managed to almost pop off the door handle. There's fingerprints all over the door and the door insulator strip thingee is ruined. All kinds of air comes in when I drive. It sucks! So, I tried a deterrant of sorts. I pulled in my door mirror. I opened the gate/door to my hurricane fence thingee and I pull up so that the driver's door opens into the gate. The car is now almost flush with the fence. I get out of the car and lock it. I go thru the gate into my yard and when I'm in for the night, put a padlock on the gate. They don't have enuf room to do their car theft thing. There is maybe 6 inches between the car and the fence. I will pile stuff in the passenger front seat. I go thru the gate and lock it shut. In this way, they will make noise and wake me and my neighbors, and all the dogs up. I have the big, green trash can touching the front of my car. If they get in that space between the fence and make noise, it is possible they may not be able to get out quickly enuf.

This morning, an older car with no AC pulled up with 2 guys that looked like meth-heads. They were all shirtless and looked like they hadn't bathed. I don't know what it is about speedheads thinking they don't need to bathe everyday. They asked me if I rented there and walked away saying that the guy must not be there anymore. That scares me. I keep a really low profile on North Beach since things apparently got less safe. This jacking with my car really pisses me off. Yet, if anything happens I really can't do anything but call the cops. So, now, I'm it's a super lockdown everynight. Oy...

Well, I'm at lunch and it's over so I'd better skeedaddle. Say a little prayer for me that nothing happens and I get to move either at the beginning of July or August. I barely sleep anymore and greatly fear that I'm in danger more than ever. Oy...


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