Monday, June 12, 2006

This weekend - June 9th, 10th, 11th

Well, I had a great night at Joe's Crab Shack Friday. Everyone was in a great mood and there were lotsa little kids to sing and play instruments with me. The wait staff was in great form and we had a light-hearted evening. I tried something new. I took my Lollipop-Palooza instruments and invited about 5 4-8 year old boys from one of the tables. They didn't hesitate as they came on stage on picked instruments and joined me in a rousing rendition of If I Had a Hammer. The kids seemed to have fun, the parents loved it, and the customers were amused. Good time for all.

Saturday, I mostly rested and cleaned and organized the Sea Shack. I went and ran errands and stayed pretty much close to home.

I priced a printer at Dr. Nerd's. They had a nifty one for about $50. I'm gonna try to get Chris's printer going before I spend mo money tho. I think it just needs ink. I then went to see what was on clearance sale at the Office Depot and found a huge can of coffee for $3 and some minor knick-knacks. I went over the bridge to Portland and did a little grocery shopping at the Walmart and then went to the General Dollar store where I bought mundane things like bathroom trash can, potted meat for the dogs, and a little hangy thingy for my t-shirts.

I went home and caught my breath from the stifling heat and pretty much watched TV and crashed.

Sunday, I decided that was a good deal on the coffee at the Depot and went back but it was all gone. It figures. They did have a giant can of sugar cookies so I bought one of those and went back to the General Dollar and got another hangy thingy. I was supposed to go hang with pals, but they never returned my call.

I stayed in and watched Wind Talkers with Nicholas Cage and then switched over to watch the Mavs spank the Heat. Yup. Exciting times at the Sea Shack. It was a slow weekend. But true to my history, I had total insomnia all Sunday night and am here at work with maybe an hour of sleep. Last night my right eye was hurting. Woke up and now it's my left eye. Oy. I hope I'm not getting some kinda pink eye or something.

I'm typing this at work because they have yet to get me my email and access to programs I need to work. I'm killing time til they do this.

Yup. Exciting times. Tonight, I'm hoping ot meet my sisters and niece/nephews to watch Cars. I remember going with cousins to movies in San Antonio. It was such fun! Of course, we took up a whole row!

There seemed to be roseate spoonbills everywhere I looked this weekend. Loved it.

Well, gotta scoot. Hope you have a great, adventurous day!


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