Monday, June 26, 2006

A relaxing weekend

I had a great night at Joe's Crabshack on the Water on Friday night. It was a busy night and the place was filled with people all night long. I love the nights when everybody's listening and appreciative and when they treat me like a "star". The tips were good and I felt fulfilled. The entertainment was made complete by 2 little blonde girls that decided to be back-up dancers when I sang. They were adorable. Mom was more than a little uncomfortable when the oldest one - of about 5 years old - decided to be a pole dancer with my speaker stand. I guess she saw that on TV, but mom was blushing and embarassed. They danced with me singing for about an hour. It was funny and sweet and the dining audience was entertained. They were conquered by their "cuteness". The only thing was that the little girls wanted to chat when I was in the middle of a song and would tug and my left guitar hand! I hated ignoring them, but really can't stop in the middle of a song. Baby Beluga was a hit with them.
Saturday, I just didn't feel so great. It had to be all the crap I ate on Friday at work. One of the managers in the department has a side waffle business and had materials left over from a fundraiser. Lucky us, he made us all waffles. This was after my chorizo taco from Circle K. Then, about lunchtime, Nichole treated us to Sopapilla Cheesecake. Yup, it was as sinful as it sounds! So, I had plenty of blood glucose for the gig and actually felt pretty good. It wasn't until Saturday and Sunday that I felt terrible since I wasn't moving around as much. Exercise really is the key to diabetes, but it's the absolute last thing you feel like doing. I didn't feel okay til about 8pm on Sunday. So, mostly, I hung around at home and laid about. I slept. I lost so much sleep last week, that this was not necessarily a bad thing.
The bad thing is that leaves laundry for me to do tonight. Crap, I hate doing laundry. I may do a coupla loads at a time per night til I catch up. I fell behind when my LA sister came to town. Now, I'm all behind and have to do some of it tonight. There's nothing but repeats on so, I won't be missing any of my shows.


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