Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mostly Sleepless Night and Go Mavs!!!

Oh man... I'm sleepy. I couldn't sleep worried that the junkies were gonna try to steal my car. My little deterrant eases my soul just a little but doesn't totally ease my mind.

They say we'll be getting heavy rain this afternoon. Great. :-/
I hope it isn't more than just a few inches. I saw what happens when we get 14 inches. They say that it's a slow moving weather system - tropical they called it. After being in Dallas for about 25 years, I sure the hell am not usta this. It always floods in North Beach. If it's a terrible flooding like this last one, I worry my car won't start. I worry that I won't be able to load my 4 seahuahuas and Selina into the car. And I couldn't possibly drive away and leave my neighbors and their children to fend off the waters. So, I worry. This picture was taken by me standing on my little porch. I had to walk out to the car with water halfway up my calf. I was scared to drive anyway because I hadn't memorized where the street dips and where it doesn't. So I was scared I'd drive into a hole. Gawd...I love North Beach for it's quirkiness, but I can't find a way to stay without worrying about all these things all the time. Oy.
North Beach is the very history of Corpus Christi. The very first Spohn hospital ever was here on North Beach and it was decimated by the Hurricane of 1919. A whole lotta things were demolished in that hurricane. One of the roadside historical markers here details how the storm sat and grew and grew and without today's technologies, people were mostly oblivious to the danger brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. There was a barge out at sea with about 35,000 bales of cotton which was capsized. So, along with the surge from the sea, there were these 35,000 missles of cotton bales which hit buildings with the weight of the sea behind them. Imagine! I love to read the history of this city. It may be what I like about CC most of all.
Pray it rains heavily somewhere else...at least until I move.

Tomorrow will be a sleepy day. I'm staying up to support and cheer on the Dallas Mavs. I'm doing it from home so no one will get to hear me cheering the team and jeering the Heat. Go Mavs!


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