Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jumper on the Harbor Bridge

Hmmm...well I'm tired today. I was awakened by my neighbors' 2 dogs a barking up a storm around 4am. I didn't see anyone walking our little street. No one was messing with my car. I tried to go back to sleep but the dogs' barking awakened my 4 seahuahuas and they chimed in. I tried to sleep but it was futile.

I got up a little later than usual at 6:30am. I turned on the morning news at KIII 3 TV to watch Bill Vessey and Katia Urriarte like I usually do and that's where I learned why I was awakened so early on.

It appears someone driving on the Harbor Bridge thinks they saw someone getting ready to jump and that this person was screaming. That sent all manner of rescuers and CC Police and Harbor workers in search of this jumper. Since I live 1 block from the Harbor Bridge and the Harbor, it makes sense that I'd be made aware of all the goings on. No one knows if they really jumped. I found out from my neighbor, Paula, that there were many people out and about our little North Beach area at 4am that morning.

There was nothing in the Caller Times this morning. The paper was prolly already printed and young boys were flinging it onto waiting early morning yards already.

I wish I knew more about what happened but for now, I'll just be a blearly eyed, tired woman.


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