Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday Night - It must be time to Eat at Joe's (Crab Shack Lighthouse on Shoreline in CC TX)

Well, another mostly sleepless night. Sure makes me cranky. I dunno. A part of me wants to try to stay in the Sea Shack...another part of me sure wants to live somewhere quiet where MAYBE I can get a complete night's sleep. It seems to start up around 2 -3 am. That's when the Blue Marlin - a biker bar - closes down. I suspect that's when the people that work at the Port or whose ship is in Port walk home to their ship. That's when the dogs seem to go postal every night. I know someone walks down the street. I heard one of the dogs yelp. She must've gotten hit by a rock. This morning, I put out some leftover Chinese Shrimp Fried Rice (I ate all the shrimp first) mixed with Iams for them on my porch. I wonder if my neighbors are even feeding their dogs. They are so skinny. I know they are going thru incredible hard times. I wish there was more I could do, but I am barely out of unemployment myself. I still haven't received my first full paycheck from my new job. I will feed them as best I can. Still...I worry. Hurricane season is upon us. They have no electricity. No car. They now have 6 dogs. They have 3 kids. He doesn't work because she sez he has seizures. She hasn't received her first check from her new job. If we have to evacuate, I don't know how they'll do it or what will happen to those puppies. My car will be packed with my music gear, my computers, clothes, my sentimental valuables, and my 4 seahuahuas. My car will be packed. They don't know it, but I plan to call the Fire Department to come rescue them. I plan to keep $100 in savings at all times for gas and maybe a motel room if I have to evacuate. And that's going to be a challenge to make happen at this point in time.

We have a new neighbor. I was outside feeding the puppies when I looked over to the vacant house across from our corner. There was a man walking around inside it! My neighbors confirmed it was a new guy. He's a port worker from Houston and my landlady tells me his "woman" just left him. I'll be sure to keep my distance...I'll be cordial, but plan to keep my distance. I hope someone told him to lock his car at night. He doesn't have electricity in this little shack. There is no electric meter. Just what I need... a new worry.

Well, tonight is Joe's Crab Shack night. It may be rainy. I hate loading in and loading out in the rain. It's a challenge to keep the speakers dry. Everythings contained in a bag or case except for the speakers. Oy. Well, I don't want to borrow trouble and refuse to worry about this until this afternoon when I do the load-in.

They say it will rain off and on all weekend thru the 4th of July holiday. Just as well. I am content to stay in and watch flicks. I started watching the 4th season of 24 last night. Man...that is one of my favorites. It's the one where they introduce Audry and Sec of Defense Heller. It's heavy into terrorist situations. It's so good! I love that show. I think it's about the best thing on TV.

Well, gots to go. My boss gave me stuff to do today while he's gone. I'd best get to it.


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