Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Finally! Eat at Joe's!

Well, heya...finally Friday! It's a short day here at TAMU CC. We work a 10 hour day earlier in the week and that allows us to leave at 3pm today. Diggit! This gives this old lady a little time to decompress and rest and get ready for Joe's. I love singing at Joe's. The staff is so great and the customers are mostly tourists I'll never see again, but we have a relaxed good time. I'm not an intense performer. I much prefer a little chitchat and mostly sing. So, if you're not doing anything for dinner, how's about you come on down to 444 Shoreline and have yourself some great seafood. My fave is the Tequila Lime Grilled Shrimp. I'm afraid I'm not very creative. It's what I get as my meal just about every Friday but it's great. I get it to go and after I rent a movie from Blockbuster, sit and watch the movie, eat my shrimp as Gomez sits almost paralyzed as hit waits for me to give him the shrimp tails. He loves them! Because he likes them, then the other 3 sea-huahuas want them, too. So, treat yourself....Eat at Joe's!

The picture is that of the full moon over Joe's and a tourist paddle boat. Joe's is a 3 story affair. I sing on the first floor.


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