Monday, June 26, 2006


Starring Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, and Paul Bettany

As a rule, I like the works of these actors, but as I watched this movie, I was easily distracted and except for the cute, little, white, protective, fuzzy dog, I couldn't have care less if these characters were killed or what happened to them. I did enjoy the Seattle scenery since I haven't been there. I found the little boy annoying. I found the teenage girl annoying. I was happy to see the woman that plays Chloe on 24 play Harrison Ford's secretary. I was happy to see Robert Patrick (remember the other 'bot on The Terminator?) in the movie. But, this movie has been done before. Just like Mel Gibson's and Bruce Willis' formulae-ic flix, there were no surprises in this movie. It's been done before and it was no big whup.


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