Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ewwwwwww, Pink Eye!

My eyes had been hurting for a coupla days.. It felt like an "eye-ache". My eyelids hurt when I touched them. My right eye got to hurting first. Then a day later, my left eye started hurting. I went to see Cars with my sisters and their kids. What a hoot! Great flick. I was all over the kids hugging and kissing and carousing when them Monday evening.

When I woke up Tuesday at 6am, my left eye as swollen shut and hurting like hell. My right eye, not so swollen, but in pain as well. I called my sister to tell her about this and told her to keep an eye on her kids. I explained I'd feel just awful if they got this. I then called in sick on my bosses voicemail and went back to bed. Slept until 10am. I felt all run-down and sick-like. Weak and tired. I got up at 10am and the thought of sitting there trying to find a doctor on my plan without a computer was overwhelming so I went to the Memorial Hospital ER. There was hardly anyone there. I felt so tired. I just wanted to sleep. I was handeled pretty quickly. I mean, I'm used to Parkland where it's busy every hour of the day to an insane degree. I was seen by a cool doctor who thought he was a comedian. Normally, I can appreciate that sorta doc, but that day, I was too tired.

He told me I had a good, old case of Pink Eye. He examined my eyes and said I had a small ulcer in my Left Eye. I guess that's why that one was swollen and in more pain. Luckily, he said we were treating it early and it would pose NO long term effects. Good. He said he had some antibiotic goop he could give me from right there in the ER. Another Good. I told him that there was hardly any crusty stuff on my eyes that morning. He asked me if it had stayed crunchy in milk. I mumbled a HUH? He said something about how I'd made it sound like cereal. Okay.... a funny. I think I mumbled something like that he was retarded or something. I was so tired and at that point felt feverish. He said that this conjuntivitis could feel like I had a cold. It did. He put some drops in my eye to alleviate the itching and pain. They did help a little.

Later, a nurse came in and administered the antibiotic goop. I was blinded. Everything was a total blur. When the goop melted, I left. I went to the medication assistance folks to pick up some insulin but they had to reorder it. Their computers were down so I sat there in a stupor while they tried to help me. I called my boss from the parking lot, but got his voicemail again. I went to Walmart and got some Benedryl for all the itchy mosquito bites, some Alleve, and some lunch. I went home and fell asleep again until 7pm.
I watched NCIS and then switched over to the Finals. I managed to stay awake only to watch them lose. Oy. It sucks. I went to sleep again.

I awoke this morning and came in to work early. I still feel very tired. Only this time, I feel tired AND UGLY. I am not wearing make-up so as to help my eyes heal. Doc said it would take about 2 days to clear up. I sure the hell hope so. I WILL NOT sing Friday night while I look like this!

Anyway, here's to modern medicine and anti-biotics. I appreciate the progress we've made. Especially today.


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