Thursday, June 29, 2006

Double Edged Sword and trying to add more gigs.

Sleepy again today. I guess I'll be sleepy for the rest of my life. The outside dogs were barking up a storm again in the middle of the night. I bet someone was out there. They don't stop barking until they are satisfied that all is safe in their world. They protect us humans that live on the corner and their 4 puppies. The puppies are adorable. I gave worm meds to the 4 of them yesterday. I hope they start to gain weight, soon. I am glad they bark their alarm, but the next day I am burnt toast. That's the double edged sword. Still, I didn't see anyone out there thru the window. That doesn't mean there was nobody there.

I thought I'd insert a picture of the roseate spoonbill. It's always a special treat for me to see these beautiful birds on North Beach. They are my favorite bird of the moment. Hope you think they're pretty, too.

I called Utopia World Cuisine yesterday about a gig. I finally made contact with Rodger the bar manager after a few months of trying. He is a busy man. He explained they had a band under contract until this coming Friday and that made it impossible to give me an audition night. They are going music-less for a few weeks and hopefully, I'll get my chance to do my stuff then. I coulda told him people don't like to eat dinner with a full band with drums, horns, etc blaring their music. People go out to eat dinner with family and friends and like to chat in normal voice tones. It's something I battle all the time. Volume. Hopefully, I'll get some work there.

I also called The Hooks office last night and left a voice mail. I called again this morning and the woman, Elisa Macias, that handles the Star Spangled Banner singers is out of pocket til Monday. Guess I'll get more info then. I left another voice mail.

I'll be calling the Brewster Street Icehouse for more booking info this afternoon. I think I'd be perfect for early Sunday afternoons when children can be a part of the festivities. When I spoke to Lolo (a female! - funny I thought it would be a male) she indicated they were considering Happy Hour entertainment. As long as it's not Friday (Joe's Crab Shack Night), it will be a very cool thing. It would make an early night of it and I like that.

So, now that I'm not so concerned with just survival and living in the limbic region of my brain, I can start to focus on other parts of my life. I still debating the moving away from North Beach issue. I wouldn't mind living in my little shack if it allows me to save more money towards my travel home.

I lead a boring life, I think. I read other musician blogs and they seem to have such exciting lives. The highlight of my day yesterday was driving down 181 with a pelican matching my pace of 55 MPH. I love those birds. Maybe I'll come back as one in my next life.


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