Monday, June 12, 2006

Beanstock 2003 - Me and Go-meeeeee

Gomez, my first chihuahua was the star at this performance! I brought him with me. Before there were 4 in my chihuahua fam, Gomez usta come everywhere with me. He was about one year old in this pic and had already been to Kingsville (where he was born), Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, on a plane to and from NYC, Chinatown, Little Italy, Newark, and all over the Dallas area. Quite the traveler. He loves to travel. Here, I brought him with me to my performace at Beanstock Spring 2003, but had no one to watch him while I sang. So... I stuck the business end of his leash under the leg of my chair and went about my singing. He walked all over the stage as I sang. My singing is nothing new to him. During a song I heard giggles and laughter. I shoulda known...he had lifted his leg and pee'ed on the wall of the stage! I was so embarassed. He couldn't have been bothered in the least. There is a reason he has earned his nickname - The Urinator. After I sang, I stayed and listened to other artists and drank a beer while Gomez went from tree to tree, lifting his leg at each one. He was in heaven. I tried to camp out in my Ford Aerostar van, but it was too, too hot, so I left in the middle of the night, back to Dallas and the comfort of some very cold AC. I love Beanstock, but feel this was not one of my better performances. It was too, too hot and as a diabetic, the heat becomes nothing more than just sheer torture. You can tell by the pic that I was sweating like a hog. I felt sick but the show went on. No matter how badly I felt. People don't realize just what goes on when a performer goes on. I've heard people talk about how so and so just sucked that night. I'm always a little open minded as I remember the gigs when I just felt sick for whatever reason. I imagine the secret backstage situations the artists may have been enduring. Were they sick? Were they worried? Was the gear broken or acting up? You never really do know...
Still...Go-mee was the star. He is still the star in my heart.


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