Friday, June 30, 2006

It's raining! It's pouring! The old man is snoring!'s raining! I went out to my car here at work to get my debit card which must've landed somewhere I didn't realize. I grabbed my 99 cent umbrella and went for it! Wow...this is the best 99 cents I 've spent in a quite a while. I'm glad I bought a couple of them.

The rain here smells so much like dirt. I don't recall the rain smelling like dirt in Dallas. I like it. It smells so clean and natural. Dirt is not a bad thing. It is where things grow. Things you can eat! The thunder seems louder. I wonder if it's because it resonates in the sea. I don't mind the rain. I do mind when it comes down in buckets and floods North Beach and I'm hoping that doesn't happen in the next few days.

It was weird this morning when I was driving to work. Right when you get to the Circle K on Ennis Joslin at Ocean, it was like a curtain of rain. Totally dry and you could see the exact point of demarcation. The road was completely dry and they you were in a downpour.

I'm hoping it isn't raining when I outload at the Crab Shack. It's not so bad there because they have a little carport thingee that shields you from the rain. It is on the water, tho, so I'm hoping the rain doesn't come in sideways.

Friday Night - It must be time to Eat at Joe's (Crab Shack Lighthouse on Shoreline in CC TX)

Well, another mostly sleepless night. Sure makes me cranky. I dunno. A part of me wants to try to stay in the Sea Shack...another part of me sure wants to live somewhere quiet where MAYBE I can get a complete night's sleep. It seems to start up around 2 -3 am. That's when the Blue Marlin - a biker bar - closes down. I suspect that's when the people that work at the Port or whose ship is in Port walk home to their ship. That's when the dogs seem to go postal every night. I know someone walks down the street. I heard one of the dogs yelp. She must've gotten hit by a rock. This morning, I put out some leftover Chinese Shrimp Fried Rice (I ate all the shrimp first) mixed with Iams for them on my porch. I wonder if my neighbors are even feeding their dogs. They are so skinny. I know they are going thru incredible hard times. I wish there was more I could do, but I am barely out of unemployment myself. I still haven't received my first full paycheck from my new job. I will feed them as best I can. Still...I worry. Hurricane season is upon us. They have no electricity. No car. They now have 6 dogs. They have 3 kids. He doesn't work because she sez he has seizures. She hasn't received her first check from her new job. If we have to evacuate, I don't know how they'll do it or what will happen to those puppies. My car will be packed with my music gear, my computers, clothes, my sentimental valuables, and my 4 seahuahuas. My car will be packed. They don't know it, but I plan to call the Fire Department to come rescue them. I plan to keep $100 in savings at all times for gas and maybe a motel room if I have to evacuate. And that's going to be a challenge to make happen at this point in time.

We have a new neighbor. I was outside feeding the puppies when I looked over to the vacant house across from our corner. There was a man walking around inside it! My neighbors confirmed it was a new guy. He's a port worker from Houston and my landlady tells me his "woman" just left him. I'll be sure to keep my distance...I'll be cordial, but plan to keep my distance. I hope someone told him to lock his car at night. He doesn't have electricity in this little shack. There is no electric meter. Just what I need... a new worry.

Well, tonight is Joe's Crab Shack night. It may be rainy. I hate loading in and loading out in the rain. It's a challenge to keep the speakers dry. Everythings contained in a bag or case except for the speakers. Oy. Well, I don't want to borrow trouble and refuse to worry about this until this afternoon when I do the load-in.

They say it will rain off and on all weekend thru the 4th of July holiday. Just as well. I am content to stay in and watch flicks. I started watching the 4th season of 24 last night. Man...that is one of my favorites. It's the one where they introduce Audry and Sec of Defense Heller. It's heavy into terrorist situations. It's so good! I love that show. I think it's about the best thing on TV.

Well, gots to go. My boss gave me stuff to do today while he's gone. I'd best get to it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Release into the Sea

Oh man.. I missed another one - a baby turtle release. I really wanted to go. Now, tho, I have found the website and phone numbers to call so that I can get the information necessary that I may go to the next one. Just look at that picture. They are soooo cute! Here's the URL for turtle release information -
I have found relocating to Corpus Christi disappointing in a number of ways, but this is not one of them. I love the wild-life aspect to living here. You just don't have this in Dallas.
I think I'll write a song about it...may call it "One Tiny Turtle at a Time". hmmmm when I'm sitting home bored this holiday, I hope I think about it and don't put it off....
Click this link for another pic.

Double Edged Sword and trying to add more gigs.

Sleepy again today. I guess I'll be sleepy for the rest of my life. The outside dogs were barking up a storm again in the middle of the night. I bet someone was out there. They don't stop barking until they are satisfied that all is safe in their world. They protect us humans that live on the corner and their 4 puppies. The puppies are adorable. I gave worm meds to the 4 of them yesterday. I hope they start to gain weight, soon. I am glad they bark their alarm, but the next day I am burnt toast. That's the double edged sword. Still, I didn't see anyone out there thru the window. That doesn't mean there was nobody there.

I thought I'd insert a picture of the roseate spoonbill. It's always a special treat for me to see these beautiful birds on North Beach. They are my favorite bird of the moment. Hope you think they're pretty, too.

I called Utopia World Cuisine yesterday about a gig. I finally made contact with Rodger the bar manager after a few months of trying. He is a busy man. He explained they had a band under contract until this coming Friday and that made it impossible to give me an audition night. They are going music-less for a few weeks and hopefully, I'll get my chance to do my stuff then. I coulda told him people don't like to eat dinner with a full band with drums, horns, etc blaring their music. People go out to eat dinner with family and friends and like to chat in normal voice tones. It's something I battle all the time. Volume. Hopefully, I'll get some work there.

I also called The Hooks office last night and left a voice mail. I called again this morning and the woman, Elisa Macias, that handles the Star Spangled Banner singers is out of pocket til Monday. Guess I'll get more info then. I left another voice mail.

I'll be calling the Brewster Street Icehouse for more booking info this afternoon. I think I'd be perfect for early Sunday afternoons when children can be a part of the festivities. When I spoke to Lolo (a female! - funny I thought it would be a male) she indicated they were considering Happy Hour entertainment. As long as it's not Friday (Joe's Crab Shack Night), it will be a very cool thing. It would make an early night of it and I like that.

So, now that I'm not so concerned with just survival and living in the limbic region of my brain, I can start to focus on other parts of my life. I still debating the moving away from North Beach issue. I wouldn't mind living in my little shack if it allows me to save more money towards my travel home.

I lead a boring life, I think. I read other musician blogs and they seem to have such exciting lives. The highlight of my day yesterday was driving down 181 with a pelican matching my pace of 55 MPH. I love those birds. Maybe I'll come back as one in my next life.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yesterday Tuesday June 27, 2006

I got a better night's sleep last night. I still get up everytime my neighbor's outside dogs start barking in the middle of the night. I am so grateful that they are there keeping guard over my little corner of the world, but they tend to bark just as fervently at trespassing dogs from down the block as they do to humans they don't know. I still have to check it all out. So, I'm up and down a few times during the night and 6am gets here awful fast when you're shorted on your sleep. Last night, they barked up a storm. Jacob, Paula's husband next door, even went outside all sleepy and bleary eyed, to check it out. It sounded like they were down the block one way when they were actually across the street and under the small apartment house's stilts. The acoustics here on this little island can be deceiving. They soon trotted home and I managed to go back to sleep after my 4 seahuahuas calmed down.

More info on the jumper. Word from my landlady is that someone saw him in the water in the Harbor, but no one actually found him. What I fear are the copycat jumpers like they have off of the Golden Gate Bridge. What I fear are more sleepless nights of Police swarming my little corner here 1 block from the Harbor looking for surviving jumpers.

I met my landlady yesterday evening. She seems pretty nice. She's a dog lover so I know we'll prolly get along. She impressed me in that she worked with the Katrina Animal Rescue folks after that big storm. She lives on North Beach, too, at the fancy condos on the other end. They have been struggling with car thefts by the indigents or druggies. Unfortunately, as they drive them away from the North end of North Beach, they tend to relocate to my end by the Harbor. She did give me a good idea for a theft deterrant for my car. She suggested stringing a few beer cans so that they jangle if the car is moved. Since it would prolly take me a few months to get that many beer cans, this weekend I'm gonna buy a 12 pack of Cokes, well, Diet Cokes and make that Coke can alarm system. My current deterrent seems to be working well so far. I drive up so close to my little fence, not even the neighbors yellow dog can squeeze by my car! The objective is that if they manage to pry off my door handle, they will still be unable to open the car door and get in. My landlady highly encouraged me to call the CCPD for the slightest violation.

I am worried that my neighbors won't be able to me make rent. They are struggling greatly. If they leave, I will lose the benefit of their doggie patrol. I do what I can for those dogs. I feed them extra dog food, I give them worm medicine, I give them Oscar Meyer weenies for treats. If they get evicted, I will be alone on that corner. That would be scary indeed if the evil-doers looking for victims get wind of it. I won't freak out. I won't freak out. I won't freak out.

Well, that's it for today. Lesse what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jumper on the Harbor Bridge

Hmmm...well I'm tired today. I was awakened by my neighbors' 2 dogs a barking up a storm around 4am. I didn't see anyone walking our little street. No one was messing with my car. I tried to go back to sleep but the dogs' barking awakened my 4 seahuahuas and they chimed in. I tried to sleep but it was futile.

I got up a little later than usual at 6:30am. I turned on the morning news at KIII 3 TV to watch Bill Vessey and Katia Urriarte like I usually do and that's where I learned why I was awakened so early on.

It appears someone driving on the Harbor Bridge thinks they saw someone getting ready to jump and that this person was screaming. That sent all manner of rescuers and CC Police and Harbor workers in search of this jumper. Since I live 1 block from the Harbor Bridge and the Harbor, it makes sense that I'd be made aware of all the goings on. No one knows if they really jumped. I found out from my neighbor, Paula, that there were many people out and about our little North Beach area at 4am that morning.

There was nothing in the Caller Times this morning. The paper was prolly already printed and young boys were flinging it onto waiting early morning yards already.

I wish I knew more about what happened but for now, I'll just be a blearly eyed, tired woman.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A relaxing weekend

I had a great night at Joe's Crabshack on the Water on Friday night. It was a busy night and the place was filled with people all night long. I love the nights when everybody's listening and appreciative and when they treat me like a "star". The tips were good and I felt fulfilled. The entertainment was made complete by 2 little blonde girls that decided to be back-up dancers when I sang. They were adorable. Mom was more than a little uncomfortable when the oldest one - of about 5 years old - decided to be a pole dancer with my speaker stand. I guess she saw that on TV, but mom was blushing and embarassed. They danced with me singing for about an hour. It was funny and sweet and the dining audience was entertained. They were conquered by their "cuteness". The only thing was that the little girls wanted to chat when I was in the middle of a song and would tug and my left guitar hand! I hated ignoring them, but really can't stop in the middle of a song. Baby Beluga was a hit with them.
Saturday, I just didn't feel so great. It had to be all the crap I ate on Friday at work. One of the managers in the department has a side waffle business and had materials left over from a fundraiser. Lucky us, he made us all waffles. This was after my chorizo taco from Circle K. Then, about lunchtime, Nichole treated us to Sopapilla Cheesecake. Yup, it was as sinful as it sounds! So, I had plenty of blood glucose for the gig and actually felt pretty good. It wasn't until Saturday and Sunday that I felt terrible since I wasn't moving around as much. Exercise really is the key to diabetes, but it's the absolute last thing you feel like doing. I didn't feel okay til about 8pm on Sunday. So, mostly, I hung around at home and laid about. I slept. I lost so much sleep last week, that this was not necessarily a bad thing.
The bad thing is that leaves laundry for me to do tonight. Crap, I hate doing laundry. I may do a coupla loads at a time per night til I catch up. I fell behind when my LA sister came to town. Now, I'm all behind and have to do some of it tonight. There's nothing but repeats on so, I won't be missing any of my shows.


Starring Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, and Paul Bettany

As a rule, I like the works of these actors, but as I watched this movie, I was easily distracted and except for the cute, little, white, protective, fuzzy dog, I couldn't have care less if these characters were killed or what happened to them. I did enjoy the Seattle scenery since I haven't been there. I found the little boy annoying. I found the teenage girl annoying. I was happy to see the woman that plays Chloe on 24 play Harrison Ford's secretary. I was happy to see Robert Patrick (remember the other 'bot on The Terminator?) in the movie. But, this movie has been done before. Just like Mel Gibson's and Bruce Willis' formulae-ic flix, there were no surprises in this movie. It's been done before and it was no big whup.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Weatherman

starring Nicholas Cage and Michael Caine

A rather dark, kinda funny movie. It's one of those you'll laugh, you'll cry. It's chock full of adult subjects and situations so keep the kiddoes away from the TV while you watch it. Other than that, for adults, it was entertaining and sometimes flirting with pathos. I sorta related to it because of my age. It's sort of about a mid-life crisis and coming out of it. I liked it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Julio Cedillo, Dwight Yoakum, Barry Pepper

I liked it. It's set in West Texas in the middle of NOWHERE in Van Horn, TX. It's a bit timely in that it features the Border Patrol and a bad accidental death. It leaves you with some questions and is edited to where you go from the future to the past to the future and to the past. Once you figure that out, the story makes more sense. Tommy Lee is looking older and looks particularly weathered in this part. We all age, I guess. He really looked the part he was playing and I was impressed with his skill in the Spanish Language. The topography is stunning and so deadly. Some parts remind me of Weekend at Bernies, but this is not a comedy. It did bring me a chuckle when I thought of the comparison. Dwight Yoakums character is pathetic. Levon Helm makes an appearance as a sad, old man left alone to die in the desert but you gotta see the movie to see how and why. I don't want to betray any plot before you see it. It has gained word-of-mouth popularity. For a month I tried to rent it at the Portland Blockbuster and not a one was ever on the shelf. It wasn't until I joined Blockbuster online that I received it in the mail and got to see it. Barry Pepper was very good in his role and you go from hating him to pitying him. He's good in every role he plays. Amoung the most memorable are his part as the sniper in Saving Private Ryan and as a prison guard in Green Mile. He's one of my favorite "new" actors. Julio Cedillo was quite a surprise. I met and spent some time with him when I competed in the Buscando Estrellas in Los Angeles. He was competing in the acting category. He is a very talented actor very devoted to his family in Dallas. I was so happy to see that he was still acting and had gotten the title role in this movie. Go Julio! I'm proud to have briefly spent time with you as a fellow competitor.
So, I recommend this movie for all of the above reasons. I think it's one that went straight to video, but that's more a reflection of the movie industry than the quality of this flick. I like it and thought it was good. Tommy Lee Jones directs it, too.
See it.

Hu Hum Thursday

It's kind of a slow, quiet day and that's fine with me. I'm devoting my focus to learning my new job. I got a decent night's sleep last night and it makes such a difference in everything. I think I slept the whole way thru. I hope to get some decent sleep tonight, too. I can only hope.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today I am Gray

Woe is me. Woe is me. Today I feel like the tired Easter bunny in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I can't deny that I am sad that the Mavs lost it last night. They had it at their fingertips and somehow it all slipped away. On the bright side, they went pretty far. They only lost by 3 points. I think they'll learn the hard way what the Spurs learned their first time in the Finals. You can't play nice. The other team never does. I don't believe it's rigged, but I see some definite favoritism towards the Heat. Fouls that aren't called on them are called on us. Crappy officiating. But ya know, that's life. It's so true to real life. It seems the other guys don't play nice and they are always favored when you're the underdog. I can understand the frustration that caused Cuban to be outrageous and for Nowitzke to attack an innocent exercise bike. I've experienced that frustration many times myself. I usually punch a pillow tho and in the privacy of my home.

I admire Mark Cuban. This participation in the finals would not be possible without him in my opinion. I remember when I first moved to Dallas and I'd watch the 10pm sports news. It was so disappointing to see the Mavs as the joke of the NBA. They were - pathetic. Now, just a few years later, look where they are.

Anywho, next year we'll get it. Next year they better watch out. It'll be a wiser Mavs. A more experienced Mavs team.

Go Mavs. I still love and support you.

Oh and it didn't rain! Yippee! At least it didn't rain anywhere I happened to be. There's a chance of rain today, but I hope we dodge that bullet again. I'm already packing to move again. I hope it's sooner rather than later, but time and my paycheck will tell. The mosquitos were dreadful again. I have mosquito bites on top of mosquito bites. I really need to buy some Calomine (is that how it's spelled?) lotion. Or maybe I should get some Darvon or Codeine to kill that itch! It's horrible.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mostly Sleepless Night and Go Mavs!!!

Oh man... I'm sleepy. I couldn't sleep worried that the junkies were gonna try to steal my car. My little deterrant eases my soul just a little but doesn't totally ease my mind.

They say we'll be getting heavy rain this afternoon. Great. :-/
I hope it isn't more than just a few inches. I saw what happens when we get 14 inches. They say that it's a slow moving weather system - tropical they called it. After being in Dallas for about 25 years, I sure the hell am not usta this. It always floods in North Beach. If it's a terrible flooding like this last one, I worry my car won't start. I worry that I won't be able to load my 4 seahuahuas and Selina into the car. And I couldn't possibly drive away and leave my neighbors and their children to fend off the waters. So, I worry. This picture was taken by me standing on my little porch. I had to walk out to the car with water halfway up my calf. I was scared to drive anyway because I hadn't memorized where the street dips and where it doesn't. So I was scared I'd drive into a hole. Gawd...I love North Beach for it's quirkiness, but I can't find a way to stay without worrying about all these things all the time. Oy.
North Beach is the very history of Corpus Christi. The very first Spohn hospital ever was here on North Beach and it was decimated by the Hurricane of 1919. A whole lotta things were demolished in that hurricane. One of the roadside historical markers here details how the storm sat and grew and grew and without today's technologies, people were mostly oblivious to the danger brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. There was a barge out at sea with about 35,000 bales of cotton which was capsized. So, along with the surge from the sea, there were these 35,000 missles of cotton bales which hit buildings with the weight of the sea behind them. Imagine! I love to read the history of this city. It may be what I like about CC most of all.
Pray it rains heavily somewhere least until I move.

Tomorrow will be a sleepy day. I'm staying up to support and cheer on the Dallas Mavs. I'm doing it from home so no one will get to hear me cheering the team and jeering the Heat. Go Mavs!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Trying to Trick the Junkies

hmmmm...sonovabit-che....Someone, some piece of crap is trying to steal my car in North Beach. They've managed to almost pop off the door handle. There's fingerprints all over the door and the door insulator strip thingee is ruined. All kinds of air comes in when I drive. It sucks! So, I tried a deterrant of sorts. I pulled in my door mirror. I opened the gate/door to my hurricane fence thingee and I pull up so that the driver's door opens into the gate. The car is now almost flush with the fence. I get out of the car and lock it. I go thru the gate into my yard and when I'm in for the night, put a padlock on the gate. They don't have enuf room to do their car theft thing. There is maybe 6 inches between the car and the fence. I will pile stuff in the passenger front seat. I go thru the gate and lock it shut. In this way, they will make noise and wake me and my neighbors, and all the dogs up. I have the big, green trash can touching the front of my car. If they get in that space between the fence and make noise, it is possible they may not be able to get out quickly enuf.

This morning, an older car with no AC pulled up with 2 guys that looked like meth-heads. They were all shirtless and looked like they hadn't bathed. I don't know what it is about speedheads thinking they don't need to bathe everyday. They asked me if I rented there and walked away saying that the guy must not be there anymore. That scares me. I keep a really low profile on North Beach since things apparently got less safe. This jacking with my car really pisses me off. Yet, if anything happens I really can't do anything but call the cops. So, now, I'm it's a super lockdown everynight. Oy...

Well, I'm at lunch and it's over so I'd better skeedaddle. Say a little prayer for me that nothing happens and I get to move either at the beginning of July or August. I barely sleep anymore and greatly fear that I'm in danger more than ever. Oy...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Domain Names to Catch Your Eye from Cousin Tony Jr

Domain Names:
All of these are legitimate companies dealing in regular products and services, but they didn't think their domain names through. Some of them are prime candidates for the 'What was I thinking?' award....
ALL these web sites actually exist, selling something totally benign.

1. A site called 'Who represents' where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name... wait for it... is

2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at:

3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island.

4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at

5. Then of course, there's the Italian Power Generator company:

6. And now, we have the Mole Station>Native Nursery, based in New South Wales:

7. If you're looking for computer software, there's always

8. Then, of course, there's these brainless art designers, and their wacky web site:

9. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure web site at

Here I sit all broken-hearted

Well here I sit all broken-hearted - it seems the computer Gawds here at work haven't completed giving me computer access to any of the programs I use here at work. I sit. I'll update my Blog, eat my taco, check my bills, anything to kill time til 3pm when they say they'll have it ready. Boy, when they say things are on Island time here, they are not lying. I've been working (and I use that term oh, so loosely) here for 1 1/2 weeks and still no computer access. Oy.

And it's now 6 hours til 3pm. Okay... I have lunch for 1 of those.

Thursday June 15 - Back in the Chain Gang

Feeling - well - good enuf to show up for work. My left eye is not so swollen anymore. I don't quite look like Popeye the Sailor Man today. Not so much. I still feel a little feverish from time to time, but I hope that will pass today. Gots to get back to work now...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ewwwwwww, Pink Eye!

My eyes had been hurting for a coupla days.. It felt like an "eye-ache". My eyelids hurt when I touched them. My right eye got to hurting first. Then a day later, my left eye started hurting. I went to see Cars with my sisters and their kids. What a hoot! Great flick. I was all over the kids hugging and kissing and carousing when them Monday evening.

When I woke up Tuesday at 6am, my left eye as swollen shut and hurting like hell. My right eye, not so swollen, but in pain as well. I called my sister to tell her about this and told her to keep an eye on her kids. I explained I'd feel just awful if they got this. I then called in sick on my bosses voicemail and went back to bed. Slept until 10am. I felt all run-down and sick-like. Weak and tired. I got up at 10am and the thought of sitting there trying to find a doctor on my plan without a computer was overwhelming so I went to the Memorial Hospital ER. There was hardly anyone there. I felt so tired. I just wanted to sleep. I was handeled pretty quickly. I mean, I'm used to Parkland where it's busy every hour of the day to an insane degree. I was seen by a cool doctor who thought he was a comedian. Normally, I can appreciate that sorta doc, but that day, I was too tired.

He told me I had a good, old case of Pink Eye. He examined my eyes and said I had a small ulcer in my Left Eye. I guess that's why that one was swollen and in more pain. Luckily, he said we were treating it early and it would pose NO long term effects. Good. He said he had some antibiotic goop he could give me from right there in the ER. Another Good. I told him that there was hardly any crusty stuff on my eyes that morning. He asked me if it had stayed crunchy in milk. I mumbled a HUH? He said something about how I'd made it sound like cereal. Okay.... a funny. I think I mumbled something like that he was retarded or something. I was so tired and at that point felt feverish. He said that this conjuntivitis could feel like I had a cold. It did. He put some drops in my eye to alleviate the itching and pain. They did help a little.

Later, a nurse came in and administered the antibiotic goop. I was blinded. Everything was a total blur. When the goop melted, I left. I went to the medication assistance folks to pick up some insulin but they had to reorder it. Their computers were down so I sat there in a stupor while they tried to help me. I called my boss from the parking lot, but got his voicemail again. I went to Walmart and got some Benedryl for all the itchy mosquito bites, some Alleve, and some lunch. I went home and fell asleep again until 7pm.
I watched NCIS and then switched over to the Finals. I managed to stay awake only to watch them lose. Oy. It sucks. I went to sleep again.

I awoke this morning and came in to work early. I still feel very tired. Only this time, I feel tired AND UGLY. I am not wearing make-up so as to help my eyes heal. Doc said it would take about 2 days to clear up. I sure the hell hope so. I WILL NOT sing Friday night while I look like this!

Anyway, here's to modern medicine and anti-biotics. I appreciate the progress we've made. Especially today.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Lollipop-Palooza the Kid's Show

Lollipop-Palooza the Kid's Show was created in 1992 while I was a barista at the Dream Cafe in Dallas TX.

One day, Lynn asked me if I'd entertained kids. I hadn't but would like to try. She booked me for a session at the Imagination Celebration of that year. Hence, my little kid's show was born. I loved it and it was great fun.

Soon after, I started what would become a 6 year run every Monday from Spring to Autumn on the vast lawn of The Dream Cafe. I created this show and took it from private parties, The Dream Cafe lawn to festivals. It has pretty much remained the same. I start with a family sing-along. Then we do 3 songs with the kids playing instruments from this small collection of kid's instruments I bought at The Teacher's Aid, a store on Mockingbird. Then we would do the Hokey Pokey. After all this fun and revelry, the kid's would line up at my extra "kid's mic" and they would sing a song of their choosing as I played guitar (and reminded them of the lyrics) for them. Yup, 6 years at The Dream Cafe at the Quad and then later, 1 year at The Dream Cafe in Addison and many private parties between the two venues and after.

Over the years, the name of my show has been "borrowed" by organizations. They even had the nerve to laughingly tell me they used the name of my show. Too bad I can't afford a copyright.

Now, after reading a blog by a Texas female artist, I find that the format has been "borrowed" as well. All the way from kid's singing with me to the Hokey Pokey. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I wonder why it feels like thievery to me then. I'm saddened that this very creative, very intelligent person is doing my show. I remember her singing on the main stage of the Imagination Celebration, doing every kid's song I do. Almost in the same order. There is nothing I can do about it.

Could it be that brilliant minds do so think alike? To this degree? Could it be some kind of bizarro coincidence? Possibly? I dunno. I prefer to think that we're just the same kind of smart. Am I naive? Now that's entirely, totally possible.

Anywho, I just wanted to vent a bit. Thieves suck and Life sucks sometimes. Today, I feel it does.

Beanstock 2003 - Me and Go-meeeeee

Gomez, my first chihuahua was the star at this performance! I brought him with me. Before there were 4 in my chihuahua fam, Gomez usta come everywhere with me. He was about one year old in this pic and had already been to Kingsville (where he was born), Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, on a plane to and from NYC, Chinatown, Little Italy, Newark, and all over the Dallas area. Quite the traveler. He loves to travel. Here, I brought him with me to my performace at Beanstock Spring 2003, but had no one to watch him while I sang. So... I stuck the business end of his leash under the leg of my chair and went about my singing. He walked all over the stage as I sang. My singing is nothing new to him. During a song I heard giggles and laughter. I shoulda known...he had lifted his leg and pee'ed on the wall of the stage! I was so embarassed. He couldn't have been bothered in the least. There is a reason he has earned his nickname - The Urinator. After I sang, I stayed and listened to other artists and drank a beer while Gomez went from tree to tree, lifting his leg at each one. He was in heaven. I tried to camp out in my Ford Aerostar van, but it was too, too hot, so I left in the middle of the night, back to Dallas and the comfort of some very cold AC. I love Beanstock, but feel this was not one of my better performances. It was too, too hot and as a diabetic, the heat becomes nothing more than just sheer torture. You can tell by the pic that I was sweating like a hog. I felt sick but the show went on. No matter how badly I felt. People don't realize just what goes on when a performer goes on. I've heard people talk about how so and so just sucked that night. I'm always a little open minded as I remember the gigs when I just felt sick for whatever reason. I imagine the secret backstage situations the artists may have been enduring. Were they sick? Were they worried? Was the gear broken or acting up? You never really do know...
Still...Go-mee was the star. He is still the star in my heart.

This weekend - June 9th, 10th, 11th

Well, I had a great night at Joe's Crab Shack Friday. Everyone was in a great mood and there were lotsa little kids to sing and play instruments with me. The wait staff was in great form and we had a light-hearted evening. I tried something new. I took my Lollipop-Palooza instruments and invited about 5 4-8 year old boys from one of the tables. They didn't hesitate as they came on stage on picked instruments and joined me in a rousing rendition of If I Had a Hammer. The kids seemed to have fun, the parents loved it, and the customers were amused. Good time for all.

Saturday, I mostly rested and cleaned and organized the Sea Shack. I went and ran errands and stayed pretty much close to home.

I priced a printer at Dr. Nerd's. They had a nifty one for about $50. I'm gonna try to get Chris's printer going before I spend mo money tho. I think it just needs ink. I then went to see what was on clearance sale at the Office Depot and found a huge can of coffee for $3 and some minor knick-knacks. I went over the bridge to Portland and did a little grocery shopping at the Walmart and then went to the General Dollar store where I bought mundane things like bathroom trash can, potted meat for the dogs, and a little hangy thingy for my t-shirts.

I went home and caught my breath from the stifling heat and pretty much watched TV and crashed.

Sunday, I decided that was a good deal on the coffee at the Depot and went back but it was all gone. It figures. They did have a giant can of sugar cookies so I bought one of those and went back to the General Dollar and got another hangy thingy. I was supposed to go hang with pals, but they never returned my call.

I stayed in and watched Wind Talkers with Nicholas Cage and then switched over to watch the Mavs spank the Heat. Yup. Exciting times at the Sea Shack. It was a slow weekend. But true to my history, I had total insomnia all Sunday night and am here at work with maybe an hour of sleep. Last night my right eye was hurting. Woke up and now it's my left eye. Oy. I hope I'm not getting some kinda pink eye or something.

I'm typing this at work because they have yet to get me my email and access to programs I need to work. I'm killing time til they do this.

Yup. Exciting times. Tonight, I'm hoping ot meet my sisters and niece/nephews to watch Cars. I remember going with cousins to movies in San Antonio. It was such fun! Of course, we took up a whole row!

There seemed to be roseate spoonbills everywhere I looked this weekend. Loved it.

Well, gotta scoot. Hope you have a great, adventurous day!

Mavs Finals Game II

Wow... another blockbustah game by the Mavs. Shaq wasn't so cocky last night. I'm sure he's a great guy, but it was great to the the Mavs so with their game on. I'm a little sleepy this morning, but it was sure worth it. Here's hoping that they do this thing in just 4 games. Go Mavs.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Go Mavs!!

Wow, what a game last night! I was on the edge of my seat the whole way. I was so proud of my Mavs. I remember when I first moved to Dallas, they were the joke of the NBA. They sure have come a long way thanks to Avery and Mark Cuban. Kudos! I can't wait for the next game.

Friday Finally! Eat at Joe's!

Well, heya...finally Friday! It's a short day here at TAMU CC. We work a 10 hour day earlier in the week and that allows us to leave at 3pm today. Diggit! This gives this old lady a little time to decompress and rest and get ready for Joe's. I love singing at Joe's. The staff is so great and the customers are mostly tourists I'll never see again, but we have a relaxed good time. I'm not an intense performer. I much prefer a little chitchat and mostly sing. So, if you're not doing anything for dinner, how's about you come on down to 444 Shoreline and have yourself some great seafood. My fave is the Tequila Lime Grilled Shrimp. I'm afraid I'm not very creative. It's what I get as my meal just about every Friday but it's great. I get it to go and after I rent a movie from Blockbuster, sit and watch the movie, eat my shrimp as Gomez sits almost paralyzed as hit waits for me to give him the shrimp tails. He loves them! Because he likes them, then the other 3 sea-huahuas want them, too. So, treat yourself....Eat at Joe's!

The picture is that of the full moon over Joe's and a tourist paddle boat. Joe's is a 3 story affair. I sing on the first floor.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally, after 7 months of hell, a new job!

Finally, after temping at this Gawd-awful ISP, after eating nothing but HEB generic foods, after worrying myself into an early old age, I found a job at TAMU CC. This is the job I wanted. I'm making less than half of what I was making in Dallas, but I like the environment here. The campus is beautiful. I like the young people. I like the perks. I'm even hoping to take some courses here. I haven't even thought of going to school in years. Now, I have to find a better place to live. Maybe even find a way to buy me a travel home. One thing at a step at a time... I need to approach this in bite-size pieces.... Oy.

Fun times at the Yin Yang Fandango / Tango Tearoom

Well, I did the gig at the Tango Tearoom here in Corpus. What a cool place. I opened for the Vibrant Ones, a band that does all originals. Then a guy everyone called Toad played. I did all covers. I wasn't quite sure what the venue clients were into, so did some of my favorite tunes including In Your Eyes, Dream a Little Dream, and more. The customers were very warm and welcoming. It was my first gig there. I played right around sunset and ended up setting up all my gear.

The band did some pretty songs and the Toad played guitar exceptionally well.

I am hope I can play there again! It was fun and I was especially happy that my pals Rodney and Paul were able to make it out. They served some nummy bergers and beer. There was a guy selling those Australian instruments I can't spell and I woman welling crystals. It was quite the eclectic mix of personality types and archtypes. It wasn't too hot and I had a great time!

Oh and that pic of me wasn't taken at the Tango Tearoom. That was taken a coupla years back in NYC at the Baggot Inn. I'll have to tell you about that one soon.