Thursday, May 18, 2006

Speaking of birds....

About 1 week into my new life on North Beach, I let the dogs out (Okay... you can sing the song if you want - Who let the dogs out?) to do their business after I got home from work at TAMU CC.

They ran out so they could look thru the fence to see what the other neighborhood dogs were up to and indulge themselves in their favorite past-time besides eating, sleeping with me, and chewing their rawhide pencils, of barking at other dogs that dare to exist. I stood there at the door under the palm tree that shades the steps. Out of the sea pine on the other side of the tiny yard, came a hawk! I guess, it was a sea hawk. It swooped from side to side of my yard. It was a baby. I could tell by looking at it's oversized "baby" head. It was checking out my sea-huahuas. It came towards me in the doorway and almost touched my face with it's wings. It was beautiful! With striking markings of brown, black, copper, orange, and yellow in it's feathers. I wanted to reach out and catch it but quickly changed my mind when I considered what those baby talons could do to my hands and face.

Then a thought hit me. Where's mama?

I called my dogs indoors after the baby hawk flew up to the pine tree and eventually left my little yard. Slowly, my sea-huahuas grudgingly obliged and one by one climbed the wooden steps and came inside.

Now, I don't let my sea-huahas out without my watchful eye. I'm almost always in a hurry with many things to do, so they don't get as long outside as they used to before the baby hawk made it's appearance.

I guess it was a sea hawk. I don't really know. It was a hawk any way you slice it and I respect that.


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