Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No sleep makes Alma a cranky girl...

Oy...last night, my neighbors dogs which run free, barked ALL NIGHT LONG. I don't know what they were barking at, but, my 4 sea-huahuas were compelled to join in. There are some homeless folks which park a block away in an empty lot and seem to live in their camper truck. Poor things. They have been parking there to sleep for a coupla weeks now. I leave them alone. I don't see how they can sleep in the heat. There was no breeze last night and it was muggy and humid beyond belief. I can only imagine their story. I don't know if the dogs were barking at them.

My dogs were restless all night. Batman in particular. He squeeks like a baby puppy. I don't think I slept more than one hour at a time. So, today, my eyes are very puffy and I feel tired and cranky.

I have mixed feelings about my neighbor's dogs. I like that they patrol my house as well as theirs. I don't like that their barking makes my dogs bark and ends up keeping me up.

I don't like to totally "white noise" the outside dogs. If something really does happen, I want my dogs to wake me and let me be aware of it. But, all night long when there seems to be nothing is too much.


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