Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday May 22, 2006 and The Da Vinci Code

Well, here I am waiting for the phone to ring at TAMU CC so I decided to update the blog real quick. Nora was under the weather so after my call at 9am, I got showered and dressed and got there at 10:30am. Everybody here in this department is so nice.

Yesterday, I saw the Da Vinci Code. I enjoyed the movie. I think it's been so hyped up that maybe folks expect Satan himself to pop off the screen!

I read the book. I thought then it was much ado about very little. I mean, if you have faith, how could a book OF FICTION even touch that? I have heard much worse in movies and read in books that I just don't even understand what everybody's all worked up about... I mean... so what if his companion was Mary what if they had what about it all.
It doesn't change the teachings of the Christ? And even so, how can you even trust those teachings when they have been edited by the Council of Nicea. And then there's all those other religion's interpretations... I mean...what is a Christ Scientist. I don't recall gospels of Jesus in a lab in a white lab coat surrounded by steaming beakers.... geesh... how confusing.

Yippee! I got in on the bargain matinee price. So, I found a good seat, I got my popcorn and took my 2 cokes and candy bars out of my purse. The not so great popcorn was $4. I refuse to spend $3 for a $1 bottle of Coke or spend $3 for a 50 cent candy bar. Nope... I will sneek those puppies in. I settled in and really enjoyed the movie. I'm a big Tom Hanks and Ron Howard fan. That Paul Ben-whatever guy was really good as the killer albino monk. I liked the movie. I especially liked getting to see all those historical landmarks that I may never see in this lifetime. I like that I saw the movie alone. I'm getting to like seeing movies alone. No one distracts me. I barely felt that the movie was about 2.5 hours long. I hated Tom Hanks hair. Eek. Looks like he needed a good shampoo though-out the movie. The actress was soooo skinny! Very pretty, but soooo skinny. I thought her little twig legs would break! But, I digress. I liked the flick. I'll prolly see it again when it comes out on DVD. I really don't get all the fuss by the religious fanatics. They really should get a grip. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed Dan Brown's subsequent book - Angels and Demons ... or is it Demons and Angels... I dunno... I liked his book after Code better. I think it was a better read. I hope they make that one into a movie.

So, here I am. Monday, Monday... Tonight is the season finale of 24. Will definitely watch that. I hope to hook up the VCR and tape the Alias show finale. I hope they have the Spurs/Mavs playoffs on regular TV so I can toggle to that on commercial breaks.

so, it's another Monday....


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