Monday, May 22, 2006

Jumpin Johosephat - Where's my metal detector?

Wow... I just read in some history website that some guy whose last name starts with a Z buried a whole bunch of gold coins somewhere on North Beach! I think I'll invest in a metal detector and try to find me some of those. The history of North Beach fascinates me. There's even a picture of the old Plaza Hotel there. I remember getting my picture taken as a child in the old Casa Ricardo in Kingsville. It's long gone in the name of progress, I guess. I remember the old big building and all the ceiling fans they depended in pre AC days. I remember there were old farts living there. There were screen doors. It was near the railroad depot. The Casa Ricardo... wow.... hadn't thought of it in years.
But, back to those coins. I really need to invest in a metal detecter. I believe they are illegal on Padre Island. This is I think to keep people from finding old Spanish coins from shipwrecks that belong to the State of Texas.
I dunno... I'm starting to believe my inner Pirate lies all too close to the surface of my psyche.

What would I do with those coins....hmmmmm....

If it was truly a fortune, I'd buy a travel home and divide my time between Dallas, Corpus, and NYC. Travel homes are pretty nice now-a-days. They have everything you could possibly need from a washer/dryer even! I'd love to have a travel home. When a hurricane was aiming at CC, I could just unhook all that shit and hit the road inland!


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