Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jarhead, History of Violence, Walk the Line

Walk the Line - absolutely wonderful. Phoenix and Witherspoon are convincing in their roles and Joaquin should've gotten an award. He was great. I enjoyed the music and even learned Walk the Line to sing at gigs. I loved it.

History of Violence - the movie was good. It had some sex scenes which were unnecessary to the plot which could've been left out. Viggo was great. Ed Harris was great. It was kind of predictable to me. I enjoyed it but was not as memorable as Walk the Line or Jarhead.

Jarhead - my favorite of the 3 films. Jake Gillynhall was wonderful. As was the guy that was the little boy in Swingblade. I thoroughly enjoyed Jake's nude scenes. Gawd, he's a beautiful man. The story kept my attention all the way thru and some of the cinetography was stunning. I highly recommend this film for adult viewing. I do so love the Marines. Oh, yea... Jamie Foxx as great as usual.


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