Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fleas - Corpus Christi is held captive!

Those fleas just won't go away! My poor dog, Bubba, is suffering. Vets interviewed on TV say this is the worst flea season EVER. I believe it!

I was watching the tube one day when this old guy came on to hawk his book about natural solutions to problems.

He mentioned that lavender oil is one way to get rid of fleas. So there I go. I made my way to the Yin Yan Fandango - my newest coffee shop discovery. They sell hippee type clothes and have a groovy cafe. They have yoga lessons, drum circles, live music, and sell essential oils. I bought a teeny little bottle of lavender oil for all of $2.35. While I was there, this old cowboy told that if you put brewer's yeast in the dog's food it will help, too. He said that when the fleas feed on the dog's blood, they will expand and blow up! I try to be non-violent but exploding fleas really appeals to me!

I went back to my sea-shack in North Beach to put some lavender oil on my sea-huahuas.

I put some on my palms and rubbed them the length of Bubba's little fat body. Man! You could see those fleas just jumping off! I went crazy putting lavender oil on EVERYTHING! Mmmmm my place smells great! The smell must be strong to their little extra-sensitive doggie noses, because now, they scatter when I simply take the stopper of the larger bottle I went back to buy. Now, the effect doesn't last all that long, maybe 1 day, but it is a natural solution. Unfortunately, the infestation is sooooo bad, I had to go to the Walmart in Portland and buy some *gasp* poison. I think if the infestation wasn't so severe that the lavender oil would prolly be enuf.

That did the trick. It stopped Bubba from chewing on himself. He was chewing himself bloody. Now his skin looks unirritated and white instead of bloody and red. The other dogs didn't have it as bad as he did, but they all were sprayed and seem to be more at peace. This weekend, I'm washing all the bedding, sweeping and then vacuuming the wood floors and futon, spraying the snot out of everything, dipping the dogs, and hope that it's enuf.

My poor babies.


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