Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yuckie Stuff

Well, I felt like warmed over dog-poo when I woke up. I've been managing to pull it all together with this cold or whatever I have since Friday. But today, I couldn't. I slept most of the day. Nothing much happened. The Alka Seltzer Flu med just makes me feel so dopey. I'm gonna try not to take more of that stuff. It doesn't help anything but to make me sleepy.
So.... the next few days I have to learn some Buffett, maybe some Dixie Chicks. Gotta prepare invoices and get some prints of pix for the live-music sign thingee at Joes. Another interview Thursday. Gotta drop off the computer at Dr. Nerd's for a fix up. Ho hum... real exciting stuff. Stay tuned. I'm bound to get into something soon....


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