Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where's the damn fuse box!!!

Well, it seems a bulb burned out in the bathroom and now there's no electricity in the bathroom or bedroom. I've looked all over this house and not found the fuses. Maybe they're in the detached garage. I'll check tomorrow in the daytime. Argh...
It sure is cold tonight. I usually stay home on Saturdays. No bar hopping for me. I've never really been one to go trolling in the bars on a Saturday night. I'm more of a recluse than you would think.

I turned on the space heater and peeee-yew.... Apparantly, one of my boys has pee'ed on the heater. Let me tell you... cooked doggie pee is one nasty smell. I've tried everything to break them of the marking habit, but with 4 boy dogs, I don't know if it will ever be really possible.
I tried Febreeze. but now it has a cooked Febreeze doggie pee smell. Oy. The only good thing is that their aim is limited to about ankle height. Still..they can really smell it up. I put it in the kitchen so as to maybe cook the smell all out of it. Hopefully, the warmth will waft over into the living room where I'm watching the tube and the smell stay in the kitchen. What I tolerate for the love of my boys.

After I picked up my computer from Dr Nerd's, I spend most of the day re-loading software. I even got to re-register for that work at home online job I so desparately want. It looks like it's gonna take a few days to go thru all the process. I jammed to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic which as become an on-demand deal now. That Nic Harcourt has impeccable musical taste!

I'm gonna chill for the rest of the evening. I'm hoping to catch up on sleep and tomorrow have a glam day of laundry, shopping, kitchen prep, carpet steaming (the boys ya know), vacuuming, and hopefully will have all that done and still have enuf time to go to Sunday dinner at my sisters. But for now I'm gonna be a couch potato and watch TV. Havn't checked the listings, but I'm sure to find something.


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