Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well, I guess I can say I survived it...

Well, when I woke up today, I was beyond depressed. Just could not see ANY light at the end of an endless tunnel. Totally down.
Then... I got Outlook installed in the computer my cousin, Tony gave me. Then I found this groovy little phone controller type proggie. Then I figured out how to send out faxes using said proggie. All by my little ol' self. I was the mad fax demon for about a coupla hours. I faxed out my resume to the point that I felt the hopelessness start to lift.
I left for my interview at an import company 'bout 1:30pm and made it on time. I even stopped to get gas! The interview went very well with the owner of the company. I start Monday when I'll be evaluated. Then if they really, really like me, I start Tuesday as a fo' real employee. The hopelessness disapated (sp?) even more. The thought that I may be able to pay the rent and car in a few weeks is a miracle worker on my state of mind. Nothing makes me more depressed than money problems. I went home and changed clothes for my Internet job and here I am.
I can't wait to get those dogs of mine in for a good nail trim and their shots. I can't wait to buy a dog run for them in the backyard so they can run and bark to their hearts content.
It's funny...when I'm at my most defeated, Viggo comes up to me and stares into my eyes. He licks my face and it's like he can tell what I'm feeling. Viggo is the one that licks the other dog's booboos. He's the play instigator. No one picks on Viggo. I call him the nurse because he likes to take care of everybody. What a good little soul that one is...


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