Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tired Today

I'm a little pooped today. Yesterday, I signed up 2 people that took a total of over an hour. It's usually a 15-20 minute tops endeavor. One was a middle Eastern gent fro Victoria, the other a Latino from Roma, TX. The Middle Eastern gent was intent on controlling the phone call. Intent on controlling the sigh-up process. It was not only annoying but ended up slowing up the process. He didn't know not one thing about the Net and I ended up tutoring him much too long. The job is to sign people up...not teach the the workings of the Internet. The Latino gent suffered from the same macho psychosis. Didn't even know why he needed a userid or password. Didn't even know what the @ was and how to get it on a keyboard. There are classes for this. I really don't get paid enuf to TEACH people the Internet. It's a dilemma. We want their account, but it's not good business to keep me on the phone teaching for 1/2 hour at a time for a $9.95 account. Just not worth it...especially to me.


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