Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday & Tuesday

Wow...I can't believe I haven't posted in a few days. Since then Cheney's been shooting people in Kenedy County.
Lessee... Monday, I showed up at the new job at RPM Imports. And guess what? It's pay based on commission. I'm so damn sick of jobs luring me in only to give me that lame crap. I AM NOT A SALEPERSON!!! I can pull the sunny disposition up for an interview or performance but to have to depend on it to make a living for me is impossible. I came home and instead of sitting home crying that this happened again, I went to apply at Express Personnel. And let me tell you... it's some kinda Nazi thing. Questions on a survey mostly about drugs, stealing, and injuries on the job. Not a reassuring feeling. These temp agencies down here smack of Nazi-ism with their annoying drug testing and not so positive reinforcements. I then went to Pep Boys to have a bulb replaced in a headlight.
As I drove up the parking garage I was so miffed to see that the headlights were totally out of alignment. I called them and they agreed to fix it. That was cool, I will say that for them.
I worked my shift at the Net, did some minor shopping at HEB, and got my butt home. I stayed up way too late training online for the Online job and was totally tired. I will go straight to bed tonight, buddy.
This morning, I went to Kinkos and printed some resumes. Funny thing is that while they look perfectly aligned on my monitor, when they print they are all askew. Argh.
Then I went to testing and interviewing with Snelling and Snelling. They are as bad as EXpress. They have all these little annoying signs about cell phones, background checks, and random drug testing. They should worry more about how little they pay folks down here than all that other annoying stuff.
True to their word, Pep Boys fixed the alignment of the headlights. Not perfectly, but it seems that my car has been bumped hard and now the bumper is not so perfect. You can barely see it, but it's there. I came home, fixed lunch and lay down to watch General HOspital.
I fell asleep! There I was all sleepy-lou with the dogs. The alarm went off and it was like I rose from the dead!
I rushed to work and was just a few minutes late. Now, I'm home and am so tired.

Tomorrow, I'll sleep late if possible, do some more online training and go complete the testing at Express and then go to work. I'm so tired all the time. Unemployment is hard work.
The temp agencies down here are something else.

Til tomorrow...


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