Saturday, February 04, 2006

Interview Friday

Boy...that was strange. I showed up on time even after a snafu at Kinkos trying to print out my most resent resume. The kinkos computer didn't like my Word version or something...
I made it before 2pm and went up the 4th floor at this big office building on Ocean Drive.
I waited about 20 minutes before the dude showed up. I'm cleaning my nails, straighting up my clothes, completing their app, turning off the ringer to my cell.
He shows up and sees that I usta work in Transplant Services and starts going on and on about how he flew planes delivering organs for transplantation. I mostly sat and smiled and said, "how fascinating".
He briefly and not too clearly explained the job, didn't discuss pay, told me it was hard work, and told me to show up for training at 2pm Monday. Okay. I asked the receptionist if we were paid for training and, of course, since he didn't mention it, it turns out we don't. Now, I am suspect.
It may all be on the up and up but I think the no pay for training sucks hard. I will now be sure to ask first thing if the pay is as stated in the Caller-Times. These jerks have gotten so sneaky about the real pay deal. I had one advertise $10 PH only to get there and have the weasel say it was $6. SIX!!!!! I wasted about 3 hours I could've spent applying somewhere else.
So now, I'm wondering if the deal is something like... well, it pays $XXX but you must sell, sell, sell and you have the CAPABILITY to earn and then mention the amount that was in the paper.
That sucks.
Anyway, I will go and check out the training and hope, hope, hope that it ends up being a regular per hour type gig. I hate these jokers that just waste my time.
I'm so sick of looking for work. I'm sick of the same questions over and over and over. Getting dressed up and putting on a happy face when I'd rather do almost anything that interview for work. Still.... what choice do I have?


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