Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I was so nervous...

Well, I called into the TWC at the appointed time and they called me back. True to my luck these days, they focused on everything but the one reason they said they denied my unemployment benefits. I was prepared for the reason they stated. I was grilled, and sauteed, and fried up well done. I did the best I could. Was totally honest. But, I am not used to that interrogation thing. I was not prepared for the questions they asked only for the rebuttal to the reason they gave for denying my benefits. When we were done, I felt I did the best I could, but felt sick, drained,and doomed. I don't know if this woman who was the hearing officer can grasp what it is to work for an abusive director. Someone with such a reptillian predatory heart and such a disregard for those of a truly gentle spirit. This director eats gentle spirits for lunch.
I hope she can read between the lines of the UTSW shill. The HR woman who allows this abuse to continue year after year and do nothing. This woman who I heard say her first duty was to protect the University from litigation. The welfare of it's employees be damned. There has been a long line of TSC employees who have gone to HR and EAP to complain, yet nothing is done. She whose name we won't mention (the director) is true evil and we are doomed. She will never die.
And so, I wait for the determination. Winning this hearing was crucial to me. My luck has been so bad as of late, that I fear the worst.
I'd like to believe in sunshine, hearts, flowers, and rainbows, but it's a challenge when your life has been filled with rain, pierced hearts, weeds, and lightning.
I do feel a general turning towards the positive and I pray that the trend continues. Time will tell. I am trying not to read anything into anything.
On the positive tho... (I try like hell to balance things out)...I got the lowest car insurance rates I have had in YEARS. Car insurance costs 1/3 in CC what it cost me in Dallas. Now THAT'S positive news! :-)
And it feels good to be legal on the road....


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