Monday, February 06, 2006

I showed up for training but...

Well, damn... I rushed and rushed and still felt crappy. Showered, dressed, and drove downtown. Then I had to find a space. This with the bowling tournament going on. I made my way into the Omni and after 2 elevators found the Suite I needed to go to.
The receptionist looked surprised to see me. Not a good sign. She gave me the perfunctory "May I help you?" I mentioned with a smile that I had a 2pm training session. She stammered and hawed and then mentioned that the man in charge of that had gone home sick. Doh! Again, someone thinks nothing of letting me go thru all the dress up and driving and parking FOR NOTHING!
She calls some other man while explaining to me that this man has a sickish pregnant wife. I sympathize, but not too much at this point. He asks that I come back at 10am. I'm none too happy, but smile and leave.
Now, what kinda business is this. No one wrote my name. No one had me fill out a W9 or whatever it is. I'm not feeling too reassured with this business or how it's run. It's supposed to be a consumer advocacy business trying to help small business save on their energy bill. I'm not very impressed.
I reached a level of frustration where I called back and tried to get someone who could explain their payment methods and got nothing but evasive answers. I even finally left a polite message on the CEO's VM asking for clarification. They said he was good about returning calls, yet I received no such courtesy.
I will show up at 10am just because to see what they have to say. I can understand the guy getting sick. I was sick all weekend. But to have no one there that can explain their payment methods defys logic to me. I don't get it.
I've reach a level of frustration that may be at it's point of no return.


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