Monday, February 06, 2006

The Fruit King Rocks my World

On the way home from the training session that never was, I stopped by the Christus Hospital's employment center. I revised my address, phone, email, etc. I applied for more than a few jobs I thought I was qualified for.
I then stopped by the Fruit King to get me some avocados, tortillas, and corn on the cob. I got a return call from my former supervisor, Mark. I'm getting the runaround by TWC and their denial of an unemployment claim I have. I am appealing and had called for his help. After we hung up, the lady there (the Fruit Queen maybe?) and I got to talking. I mentioned to her my situation and she felt inspired to pray. I said what the.... heck. She took my hands and started praying with all her heart. I was touched by her sincere caring and sincere desire to help. I teared up and really felt her concern. She was talking about the blood of Christ, blessing me, all inspired-like.
When I left I felt a little silly. I'm not into such religious ferver. When I got home to put away my produce, the phone was ringing.
I answered the phone and get this.... it was a recruiter for Christus Hospitals! Man, that Fruit Queen has some powerful mojo. After a rundown of my skills, the recruiter felt I may be qualified for a few jobs and was gonna submit my resume. Boy Howdy. It was almost a little scary in it's timing. I will certainly buy plenty of her produce and tortillas!
I put away my stuff and made my way to my Internet job.
Not quite the massive skeptic I've always been.


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