Saturday, February 04, 2006

Friday's Gig 020306

Another good gig under my belt at the Crab Shack. My only problem was excessive volume. It's so frustrating since I asked the staff over and over ad nauseum about the volumn. Hmmm...which volumn/volume is correct here?
Anywho... I asked and asked and repeatedly they said OK. Some customer went and talked to the GM. My bad luck. I did lower the vol. of course...I now plan to point my speakers away from the people like I did at Marty's. This was such the issue at Marty's. Marty's with it's wood floors and windows for walls, high ceilinged kinda building... I totally pointed the speakers away from the people and that did the trick. The volume/volumn was actually low enuf that I could point them towards me with no feedback. That's what I'll do at the Crab Shack. I'll even get to hear myself better. So, I've turned this into a win/win. The only thing that left me feeling weird was that the GM made a statement that we would try this until the end of February and then they would assess if it was working for them. So, now I'm all scared this will be a totally temp gig. The bar mgr, though, left me with a different impression and he even asked if I did country. He couldn't remember the artist or song name, but will get it for me so I can learn his music. No probs. I don't mind at all. One of the other managers asked for some Buffet, so I have to learn some of that, too.
I'll just need to trust my higher power on this one. I love the gig, but so much is out of my control. What will be, will be and all that.
Musically, it went well. Boy, people just love that Kelly Clarkson song. I enjoy singing it, so, it works out.
I pulled some muscles hauling gear. Kinda sore. I feel a cold coming on...
Yesterday, I was so ticked off. I walked into the Circle K and the guy in front of me coughed and sneezed all the way in to the cooler and then to the register. He took his germ laden hand, handed the money to the clerk and thought nothing of it. How inconsiderate. I wanted to tell him something, but thought the better of it and let it be. All I would do is tick HIM off and cause stress and trouble I don't need. I was too tired.
Anywho...I think it was a good gig. People are so nice in CC. Too bad there's no money here.
I gave away about 15 of my old CDs. Here is CC people just take CDs and the guilt thing does not work like in Dallas. It doesn't even occur to them to leave a tip...then again...the economy stinks so bad, I can see how they may not afford it...still ... if they can afford to eat at the Crab Shack...


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