Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse 021006

I thought it went well. The tips were good. It would've been flawless except some dummie sat a family with a young baby right in front of the speakers. Of course, they complained. Of course, they asked to be moved. Still, they were wonderful people! They tipped me well and asked for a request - I sang At Last by Etta James and dedicated it to Maria, the mom. They were very, very nice people.
No new songs, but am planning to learn some Buffet. One of the managers mentioned that it inspired folks to drink so to impress him, I will learn a Buffet even tho it's not really what I do.
There were 2 requests for Janis Joplin so I did my Joplin medly of Mercedes Benz and Bobbie Magee.
The speaker repositioning did the trick. I can now hear when it is getting too loud and make adjustments as needed. I love it when I can solve a problem! Sometimes, it's beyond me.
The only problem was that I was unable to get them a promo pic in time. My photographer made the pic so high resolution that I was unable to use their 20 cent pre pic machine. I'm not happy about it. I'm gonna try to reconfigure the pic here at home and maybe I can turn that around, too.
I felt it was a good night. I sure hope they keep me on beyond February. Not just for the financial aspects, but because I really like singing there. It's a great mixed crowd and I love creating a truly eclectic set. I really do believe I have the most eclectic repetoire of any singer out there, anywhere. I do over 300 songs and it's the strangest mix of songs you could imagine.
Well, I'd better stop. No one likes a braggert... so, til laterz...


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