Monday, February 20, 2006

Whoa...another Monday....already!

I have bunches to write, but I'm here at work. I'll write more in the next 2 days. I've been positively manic-depressive! Ups, downs, ups, downs...geesh... Hope YOU'RE Monday was better.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday & Tuesday

Wow...I can't believe I haven't posted in a few days. Since then Cheney's been shooting people in Kenedy County.
Lessee... Monday, I showed up at the new job at RPM Imports. And guess what? It's pay based on commission. I'm so damn sick of jobs luring me in only to give me that lame crap. I AM NOT A SALEPERSON!!! I can pull the sunny disposition up for an interview or performance but to have to depend on it to make a living for me is impossible. I came home and instead of sitting home crying that this happened again, I went to apply at Express Personnel. And let me tell you... it's some kinda Nazi thing. Questions on a survey mostly about drugs, stealing, and injuries on the job. Not a reassuring feeling. These temp agencies down here smack of Nazi-ism with their annoying drug testing and not so positive reinforcements. I then went to Pep Boys to have a bulb replaced in a headlight.
As I drove up the parking garage I was so miffed to see that the headlights were totally out of alignment. I called them and they agreed to fix it. That was cool, I will say that for them.
I worked my shift at the Net, did some minor shopping at HEB, and got my butt home. I stayed up way too late training online for the Online job and was totally tired. I will go straight to bed tonight, buddy.
This morning, I went to Kinkos and printed some resumes. Funny thing is that while they look perfectly aligned on my monitor, when they print they are all askew. Argh.
Then I went to testing and interviewing with Snelling and Snelling. They are as bad as EXpress. They have all these little annoying signs about cell phones, background checks, and random drug testing. They should worry more about how little they pay folks down here than all that other annoying stuff.
True to their word, Pep Boys fixed the alignment of the headlights. Not perfectly, but it seems that my car has been bumped hard and now the bumper is not so perfect. You can barely see it, but it's there. I came home, fixed lunch and lay down to watch General HOspital.
I fell asleep! There I was all sleepy-lou with the dogs. The alarm went off and it was like I rose from the dead!
I rushed to work and was just a few minutes late. Now, I'm home and am so tired.

Tomorrow, I'll sleep late if possible, do some more online training and go complete the testing at Express and then go to work. I'm so tired all the time. Unemployment is hard work.
The temp agencies down here are something else.

Til tomorrow...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse 021006

I thought it went well. The tips were good. It would've been flawless except some dummie sat a family with a young baby right in front of the speakers. Of course, they complained. Of course, they asked to be moved. Still, they were wonderful people! They tipped me well and asked for a request - I sang At Last by Etta James and dedicated it to Maria, the mom. They were very, very nice people.
No new songs, but am planning to learn some Buffet. One of the managers mentioned that it inspired folks to drink so to impress him, I will learn a Buffet even tho it's not really what I do.
There were 2 requests for Janis Joplin so I did my Joplin medly of Mercedes Benz and Bobbie Magee.
The speaker repositioning did the trick. I can now hear when it is getting too loud and make adjustments as needed. I love it when I can solve a problem! Sometimes, it's beyond me.
The only problem was that I was unable to get them a promo pic in time. My photographer made the pic so high resolution that I was unable to use their 20 cent pre pic machine. I'm not happy about it. I'm gonna try to reconfigure the pic here at home and maybe I can turn that around, too.
I felt it was a good night. I sure hope they keep me on beyond February. Not just for the financial aspects, but because I really like singing there. It's a great mixed crowd and I love creating a truly eclectic set. I really do believe I have the most eclectic repetoire of any singer out there, anywhere. I do over 300 songs and it's the strangest mix of songs you could imagine.
Well, I'd better stop. No one likes a braggert... so, til laterz...

Mr and Mrs Smith / Zorro II

Wow...I hadn't realized I was doing a theme night.

Couples in love and high adventure. I enjoyed both these movies immensely.

I can see how Pitt and Jolie may've fallen in love...that movie must've been so much fun to make. It was fun to watch. Smart, sexy, fast-paced adventure. The chemistry was definitely there.

Banderas and Zeta-Jones are such a winning combination. Ya know... I usually get a little steamed when they get non-Latinos to play Latinos cuz usually, they make such a bad choice, but Zeta-Jones doesn't bother me in the least. She looks more Latina than many Latinas and she is such an immpecable beauty. And what can I say except - Antonio Banderas. Ya know...Brad Pitt is cute, but Banderas is just gorgeous. I never realized how much he looks like Juanes. One of my new fave Latino singer/songwriters.

So there's my review of these movies. I give them both a thumbs up.

Where's the damn fuse box!!!

Well, it seems a bulb burned out in the bathroom and now there's no electricity in the bathroom or bedroom. I've looked all over this house and not found the fuses. Maybe they're in the detached garage. I'll check tomorrow in the daytime. Argh...
It sure is cold tonight. I usually stay home on Saturdays. No bar hopping for me. I've never really been one to go trolling in the bars on a Saturday night. I'm more of a recluse than you would think.

I turned on the space heater and peeee-yew.... Apparantly, one of my boys has pee'ed on the heater. Let me tell you... cooked doggie pee is one nasty smell. I've tried everything to break them of the marking habit, but with 4 boy dogs, I don't know if it will ever be really possible.
I tried Febreeze. but now it has a cooked Febreeze doggie pee smell. Oy. The only good thing is that their aim is limited to about ankle height. Still..they can really smell it up. I put it in the kitchen so as to maybe cook the smell all out of it. Hopefully, the warmth will waft over into the living room where I'm watching the tube and the smell stay in the kitchen. What I tolerate for the love of my boys.

After I picked up my computer from Dr Nerd's, I spend most of the day re-loading software. I even got to re-register for that work at home online job I so desparately want. It looks like it's gonna take a few days to go thru all the process. I jammed to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic which as become an on-demand deal now. That Nic Harcourt has impeccable musical taste!

I'm gonna chill for the rest of the evening. I'm hoping to catch up on sleep and tomorrow have a glam day of laundry, shopping, kitchen prep, carpet steaming (the boys ya know), vacuuming, and hopefully will have all that done and still have enuf time to go to Sunday dinner at my sisters. But for now I'm gonna be a couch potato and watch TV. Havn't checked the listings, but I'm sure to find something.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well, I guess I can say I survived it...

Well, when I woke up today, I was beyond depressed. Just could not see ANY light at the end of an endless tunnel. Totally down.
Then... I got Outlook installed in the computer my cousin, Tony gave me. Then I found this groovy little phone controller type proggie. Then I figured out how to send out faxes using said proggie. All by my little ol' self. I was the mad fax demon for about a coupla hours. I faxed out my resume to the point that I felt the hopelessness start to lift.
I left for my interview at an import company 'bout 1:30pm and made it on time. I even stopped to get gas! The interview went very well with the owner of the company. I start Monday when I'll be evaluated. Then if they really, really like me, I start Tuesday as a fo' real employee. The hopelessness disapated (sp?) even more. The thought that I may be able to pay the rent and car in a few weeks is a miracle worker on my state of mind. Nothing makes me more depressed than money problems. I went home and changed clothes for my Internet job and here I am.
I can't wait to get those dogs of mine in for a good nail trim and their shots. I can't wait to buy a dog run for them in the backyard so they can run and bark to their hearts content.
It's funny...when I'm at my most defeated, Viggo comes up to me and stares into my eyes. He licks my face and it's like he can tell what I'm feeling. Viggo is the one that licks the other dog's booboos. He's the play instigator. No one picks on Viggo. I call him the nurse because he likes to take care of everybody. What a good little soul that one is...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I was so nervous...

Well, I called into the TWC at the appointed time and they called me back. True to my luck these days, they focused on everything but the one reason they said they denied my unemployment benefits. I was prepared for the reason they stated. I was grilled, and sauteed, and fried up well done. I did the best I could. Was totally honest. But, I am not used to that interrogation thing. I was not prepared for the questions they asked only for the rebuttal to the reason they gave for denying my benefits. When we were done, I felt I did the best I could, but felt sick, drained,and doomed. I don't know if this woman who was the hearing officer can grasp what it is to work for an abusive director. Someone with such a reptillian predatory heart and such a disregard for those of a truly gentle spirit. This director eats gentle spirits for lunch.
I hope she can read between the lines of the UTSW shill. The HR woman who allows this abuse to continue year after year and do nothing. This woman who I heard say her first duty was to protect the University from litigation. The welfare of it's employees be damned. There has been a long line of TSC employees who have gone to HR and EAP to complain, yet nothing is done. She whose name we won't mention (the director) is true evil and we are doomed. She will never die.
And so, I wait for the determination. Winning this hearing was crucial to me. My luck has been so bad as of late, that I fear the worst.
I'd like to believe in sunshine, hearts, flowers, and rainbows, but it's a challenge when your life has been filled with rain, pierced hearts, weeds, and lightning.
I do feel a general turning towards the positive and I pray that the trend continues. Time will tell. I am trying not to read anything into anything.
On the positive tho... (I try like hell to balance things out)...I got the lowest car insurance rates I have had in YEARS. Car insurance costs 1/3 in CC what it cost me in Dallas. Now THAT'S positive news! :-)
And it feels good to be legal on the road....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yuckie Stuff

Well, I felt like warmed over dog-poo when I woke up. I've been managing to pull it all together with this cold or whatever I have since Friday. But today, I couldn't. I slept most of the day. Nothing much happened. The Alka Seltzer Flu med just makes me feel so dopey. I'm gonna try not to take more of that stuff. It doesn't help anything but to make me sleepy.
So.... the next few days I have to learn some Buffett, maybe some Dixie Chicks. Gotta prepare invoices and get some prints of pix for the live-music sign thingee at Joes. Another interview Thursday. Gotta drop off the computer at Dr. Nerd's for a fix up. Ho hum... real exciting stuff. Stay tuned. I'm bound to get into something soon....

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Fruit King Rocks my World

On the way home from the training session that never was, I stopped by the Christus Hospital's employment center. I revised my address, phone, email, etc. I applied for more than a few jobs I thought I was qualified for.
I then stopped by the Fruit King to get me some avocados, tortillas, and corn on the cob. I got a return call from my former supervisor, Mark. I'm getting the runaround by TWC and their denial of an unemployment claim I have. I am appealing and had called for his help. After we hung up, the lady there (the Fruit Queen maybe?) and I got to talking. I mentioned to her my situation and she felt inspired to pray. I said what the.... heck. She took my hands and started praying with all her heart. I was touched by her sincere caring and sincere desire to help. I teared up and really felt her concern. She was talking about the blood of Christ, blessing me, all inspired-like.
When I left I felt a little silly. I'm not into such religious ferver. When I got home to put away my produce, the phone was ringing.
I answered the phone and get this.... it was a recruiter for Christus Hospitals! Man, that Fruit Queen has some powerful mojo. After a rundown of my skills, the recruiter felt I may be qualified for a few jobs and was gonna submit my resume. Boy Howdy. It was almost a little scary in it's timing. I will certainly buy plenty of her produce and tortillas!
I put away my stuff and made my way to my Internet job.
Not quite the massive skeptic I've always been.

I showed up for training but...

Well, damn... I rushed and rushed and still felt crappy. Showered, dressed, and drove downtown. Then I had to find a space. This with the bowling tournament going on. I made my way into the Omni and after 2 elevators found the Suite I needed to go to.
The receptionist looked surprised to see me. Not a good sign. She gave me the perfunctory "May I help you?" I mentioned with a smile that I had a 2pm training session. She stammered and hawed and then mentioned that the man in charge of that had gone home sick. Doh! Again, someone thinks nothing of letting me go thru all the dress up and driving and parking FOR NOTHING!
She calls some other man while explaining to me that this man has a sickish pregnant wife. I sympathize, but not too much at this point. He asks that I come back at 10am. I'm none too happy, but smile and leave.
Now, what kinda business is this. No one wrote my name. No one had me fill out a W9 or whatever it is. I'm not feeling too reassured with this business or how it's run. It's supposed to be a consumer advocacy business trying to help small business save on their energy bill. I'm not very impressed.
I reached a level of frustration where I called back and tried to get someone who could explain their payment methods and got nothing but evasive answers. I even finally left a polite message on the CEO's VM asking for clarification. They said he was good about returning calls, yet I received no such courtesy.
I will show up at 10am just because to see what they have to say. I can understand the guy getting sick. I was sick all weekend. But to have no one there that can explain their payment methods defys logic to me. I don't get it.
I've reach a level of frustration that may be at it's point of no return.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"SuperBOWEL" Sunday

Hmmm...I'm cranky. I woke up with a cold today. I'd like to thank the people responsible - the guy at Circle K who walked in sneezing and coughing in his hand, and paid with money he handled with his germy hands at the register. And let's not forget the smokers who opened the doors at the Crab Shack to blast me with Arctic air skimming off of the Bay into my throat.
I'm not into the Superbowl as I was when Troy, Emmitt, Michael Irvin, Leon Lett, Nate Newton, Moose Johnston, Stepnowski were in the Cowboys. It's just not the same for me.
I think I'll sleep now.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Friday's Gig 020306

Another good gig under my belt at the Crab Shack. My only problem was excessive volume. It's so frustrating since I asked the staff over and over ad nauseum about the volumn. Hmmm...which volumn/volume is correct here?
Anywho... I asked and asked and repeatedly they said OK. Some customer went and talked to the GM. My bad luck. I did lower the vol. of course...I now plan to point my speakers away from the people like I did at Marty's. This was such the issue at Marty's. Marty's with it's wood floors and windows for walls, high ceilinged kinda building... I totally pointed the speakers away from the people and that did the trick. The volume/volumn was actually low enuf that I could point them towards me with no feedback. That's what I'll do at the Crab Shack. I'll even get to hear myself better. So, I've turned this into a win/win. The only thing that left me feeling weird was that the GM made a statement that we would try this until the end of February and then they would assess if it was working for them. So, now I'm all scared this will be a totally temp gig. The bar mgr, though, left me with a different impression and he even asked if I did country. He couldn't remember the artist or song name, but will get it for me so I can learn his music. No probs. I don't mind at all. One of the other managers asked for some Buffet, so I have to learn some of that, too.
I'll just need to trust my higher power on this one. I love the gig, but so much is out of my control. What will be, will be and all that.
Musically, it went well. Boy, people just love that Kelly Clarkson song. I enjoy singing it, so, it works out.
I pulled some muscles hauling gear. Kinda sore. I feel a cold coming on...
Yesterday, I was so ticked off. I walked into the Circle K and the guy in front of me coughed and sneezed all the way in to the cooler and then to the register. He took his germ laden hand, handed the money to the clerk and thought nothing of it. How inconsiderate. I wanted to tell him something, but thought the better of it and let it be. All I would do is tick HIM off and cause stress and trouble I don't need. I was too tired.
Anywho...I think it was a good gig. People are so nice in CC. Too bad there's no money here.
I gave away about 15 of my old CDs. Here is CC people just take CDs and the guilt thing does not work like in Dallas. It doesn't even occur to them to leave a tip...then again...the economy stinks so bad, I can see how they may not afford it...still ... if they can afford to eat at the Crab Shack...

Interview Friday

Boy...that was strange. I showed up on time even after a snafu at Kinkos trying to print out my most resent resume. The kinkos computer didn't like my Word version or something...
I made it before 2pm and went up the 4th floor at this big office building on Ocean Drive.
I waited about 20 minutes before the dude showed up. I'm cleaning my nails, straighting up my clothes, completing their app, turning off the ringer to my cell.
He shows up and sees that I usta work in Transplant Services and starts going on and on about how he flew planes delivering organs for transplantation. I mostly sat and smiled and said, "how fascinating".
He briefly and not too clearly explained the job, didn't discuss pay, told me it was hard work, and told me to show up for training at 2pm Monday. Okay. I asked the receptionist if we were paid for training and, of course, since he didn't mention it, it turns out we don't. Now, I am suspect.
It may all be on the up and up but I think the no pay for training sucks hard. I will now be sure to ask first thing if the pay is as stated in the Caller-Times. These jerks have gotten so sneaky about the real pay deal. I had one advertise $10 PH only to get there and have the weasel say it was $6. SIX!!!!! I wasted about 3 hours I could've spent applying somewhere else.
So now, I'm wondering if the deal is something like... well, it pays $XXX but you must sell, sell, sell and you have the CAPABILITY to earn and then mention the amount that was in the paper.
That sucks.
Anyway, I will go and check out the training and hope, hope, hope that it ends up being a regular per hour type gig. I hate these jokers that just waste my time.
I'm so sick of looking for work. I'm sick of the same questions over and over and over. Getting dressed up and putting on a happy face when I'd rather do almost anything that interview for work. Still.... what choice do I have?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Interview Today

Hey ...
I'm asking for your prayers. I have an interview downtown for a decent job. Pray if you wanna...I can use all your help!
Okay...gotta go do damage control on my face. :o)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lost and Invasion

In the balance on the positive side - I did remember to set the VCR for Lost and Invasion.
I did remember to boil me some eggs for snacks at work.
Vending machine food cannot possibly be good for me. Now, it's off to the shower...gotta get ready for another day at the Internet Company.

Tired Today

I'm a little pooped today. Yesterday, I signed up 2 people that took a total of over an hour. It's usually a 15-20 minute tops endeavor. One was a middle Eastern gent fro Victoria, the other a Latino from Roma, TX. The Middle Eastern gent was intent on controlling the phone call. Intent on controlling the sigh-up process. It was not only annoying but ended up slowing up the process. He didn't know not one thing about the Net and I ended up tutoring him much too long. The job is to sign people up...not teach the the workings of the Internet. The Latino gent suffered from the same macho psychosis. Didn't even know why he needed a userid or password. Didn't even know what the @ was and how to get it on a keyboard. There are classes for this. I really don't get paid enuf to TEACH people the Internet. It's a dilemma. We want their account, but it's not good business to keep me on the phone teaching for 1/2 hour at a time for a $9.95 account. Just not worth it...especially to me.