Monday, January 23, 2006

Neglected but not forgotten,,,,,

Wow...I've neglected my blog soooo long. I kinda forgot about it. I plan to start posting more frequently. I have so much to say. More to say now than I have in a while.
I have been struggling greatly these past few months. I should blog my experiences so that I don't forget having gone thru them during the good times. These are lean times indeed.
I just got home from my newest job at Awesomenet. I do bi-lingual customer service. I really like this job and the view from our office is stupendous.
I moved from Dallas to Corpus Christi a coupla months ago. I may have been rash in my decision but as a wise man told me, it's done. No use belly-aching about my choice.
Finding a job as been so difficult and money has been hard to come by. I have a whole $8.75 to my name!
The good thing is that I seem to have done well at my audition at Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline. I'm hoping I have many more gigs to do there yet!
Well, there's still so much more to post, but the ding just went off on my George Forman rotisserie. My chicken wings are done and I'm starving. I'll try to post daily now like I see other people doing. They can do it - so can I.
Til tomorrow.....


At 8:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell three people (today) how much you love them

Author Steven Levine asks the question, "If you had an hour to live and could make only one call--who would you call,what wouldyou say,and why are you waiting?"

I'm just writing to tell you I LOVE YOU,, take care!!!!! talk soon!


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