Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Monday

Ahhh...gots to love them. About the best thing about Monday is that that's the day they show 24, my favorite show. I got up lazily at about 10am. I stayed up late and somehow managed to fix my old computer that had locked up for over 3 years. It just wouldn't boot up. Somehow, it booted up in Safe Mode and I was able to scan-disk and defrag. I started uninstalling 1 program at a time until finally, one time I rebooted, all my little icons were sitting there. After over 3 years! There's all kinds of stuff there like cd covers, fam pics, letters, lyrics, registration keys, etc. This is great! It also doesn't crash when you type too fast or make any sudden moves!
So, I my machine was shown to be ready and okay for this online job I wanna check out. I just need to complete my basic training and I should be good to go.
I'm so steamed. I forgot to set up my VCR to tape 24....what a dummy! So, I called go old Hector and Mario and they are gonna try to tape it for me. I could just kick myself in the butt! I sure hope they were able to do it.
Tomorrow, I start phone and DSL with Grande Comm. SBC wouldn't work with me after my loyalty to them of over 30 years so it's adios amigos. Goodbye to you. I hope Grande works out.
I sure was tired all day today. I hope I feel better tomorrow.
We had free munchies at my internet job! Yippee. Free food just tastes so much better!
Sandwiches from Schlotzkies I think....


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