Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Friday Gig at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse

Friday was great! I love singing at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse. It's a beautiful restaurant. 3 stories or personality. There's even a little sign hanging from the ceiling that sez, "Life's too short to live in Dallas". So true. My sister and her family came out. I was so heart-warming to see my niece, Clarissa in the audience. I love that little child so much! In truth, Clara's Family was the first of all my family to actually come to a real gig, indoors, that was not a family function to see me do my thing. Years ago, my 3 sisters came out to Dallas on a quickie I'm hear, I'm gone visit while my sister #2 was in Texas from LA. It was great, but too short. I sang at a family thing for my Tio Cesar, but it was a difficult set-up, never felt right, and was all about my Tio Cesar it was his birthday, I think). So they again didn't see me do my thing. Friday was great!
There were some folks from Kingsville there! My home town! They stayed for over and hour and talked to me after their dinner. They were kind enuf to tell the Manager - James that they would only return if I was singing there! Yippie!
I even got to sneak in Eentsy Weentsy Spider and Teapot for the little-est customers.
Luckily, my gear is just the right size for the room I sing in.
What a satisfying night! I love Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse!


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