Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bay Harbor Playhouse

While I was doing my thing Friday, there were 2 lovely ladies having dinner. After my 1st hour, one came up and introduced herself. She was the manager of above said playhouse! She invited me to come audition for the play - Patsy Cline. I was so flattered. I did "Crazy" after she was seated and we decided we must talk further. I would love to audition for this as Theatre is what I want to try next should I end up moving to NYC like I want. My only trepidation is that should I by some miracle get this part, the play would prolly show at the same peak times as my gigs at the Crab Shack and I'm not giving those up. Grrrrrr! I may audition just for the audition experience. I have re-trained my voice to not be so much about power and volume, but more about finesse and artistry. Maybe I'm wrong, but don't you have to belt it out on stage? Do they mic singers wirelessly now on stage? I just don't know. See? I have to check into this so that I may learn all about it!
She was extremely sweet and put a business card in my tip jar allowing me a free pass to a show with a guest. I'll prolly take my niece, Clarissa. I think it's important for little kids to see plays, shows, live music, etc. She's so bright, so beautiful. I have such high hopes for her future.
We just have to find just the right show to take her to.
I was so flattered by this lady from the playhouse. Just when my self-esteem is taking a beating due to the job market here, she really made my day.


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