Thursday, January 26, 2006

And Oh yea...

Oh yea... I don't have the time everyday to be overly profound. I'm still engaged in the day to day struggle of just trying to make it here in CC.
My blog servs as a day to day accounting of a STRUGGLING artist. I don't come from American royalty (past Presidential blood), Euro Royalty, high society or monied people. I'm just a Mexi-CAN not a Mexi-CAN'T (to quote George Lopez).
I was born in Kingsville, Texas to humble hard-working honorable folks. My dad was a cabinet maker/carpenter, a Leo. My mami, a Liba, was a stay at home mom until she went to work at the Stop and Shop across the street. My Gawd... I feel so bad now thinking back on how we would just go and STAY at the store while she worked. We would park our butts and read every magazine on the rack. We'd call her incessantly while she was trying to work. We were awful and we just wanted our mom.
When my parents died a year and a half from each other, I went into a tailspin of depression tho I didn't understand it at the time. It's take me years to realize the implications of the devastating loss. I still struggle with it to this day. But, it caused me to not finish college. Hence, it's hard for me to find a decent job even tho I am capable of so much. Even tho I've met many an idiot WITH a college degree, no benefit of the doubt is given me when applying for work.
Anyway, that's a teeny bit of history. I hope it helps to understand my blogs...


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